What are the black night UFOs

United States : The Pentagon was secretly looking for UFOs

When asked whether there are other intelligent beings out in the universe, the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking gladly answered with the counter-question: “Is there intelligent life on earth?” If there is no intelligent life on earth, then it has to be somewhere else what could the staunch ufologist defy ridicule.

But ufologists take things seriously, deadly serious. During the Cold War there was a decade-long boom in UFO stories. The "New York Times" has now found out that the Pentagon was running a secret program to research UFO phenomena. The program didn't start until 2007, long after the UFO enthusiasm had already subsided. Because reports of unknown objects in flight have declined since the end of the Cold War. At the UFO reporting office of the GEP, the society for researching the UFO phenomenon, where witnesses of a landing can report by telephone, no one answered yesterday, Sunday. The hotline is no longer manned, is it no longer worth it?

The Mannheim astronomer Werner Walter proclaimed the end of the UFO era as early as 2001. With his UFO phone, the number of calls decreased from 100 in 1995 to ten in 2000. “It's time for the UFO swan song,” Walter said back then. UFO works are no longer available on the book market, UFO magazines have been received. “That has never happened in the history of ufology.” However, it could be related to the fact that the aliens have stopped their reconnaissance flights to Earth. Or they have become more sophisticated.

Or it is covered up. There are facts. On May 20, 1957, the American military pilot Milton Torres, who was stationed at a British Royal Air Force base in Kent, was ordered to get on immediately and shoot down an object in his Saber fighter jet. It appeared on the radar screen the size of a Russian bomber, but the radar display suddenly disappeared before Torres could fire. He was sworn to silence and did not reveal the strange incident until 1988.

The CIA steps in

Since H.G. Wells created the myth of the evil Martians with his novel "War of the Worlds" in 1898, literature and film history are full of stories of this kind. Legends are speculations such as the alleged "Area 51", material for countless films such as "Independence Day ”or“ Men in Black ”.

In its current story about the Pentagon's secret UFO program, the New York Times reports that the program was discontinued in 2012, but secretly continued: by employees who continued UFO research parallel to their new work at the ministry - this time not only hidden from the public, but also hidden from the own ministry.

They were supported by the CIA and the Navy. It is also about an incident in which in 2004 naval pilots ascended in two F / A-18F fighter jets from the aircraft carrier Nimitz off the coast of San Diego and chased and filmed an object that was the size of an airliner - but was not one .

The black cash register

According to the "New York Times", the Pentagon financed the UFO program from a black box office. The program was initiated by the powerful Senator Harry Reid, then majority leader of the Democrats in the Senate, the Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who had been pursued by an unknown object during his time as a fighter pilot, and the Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye. They met in a secure room in Congress and discussed the process, as Reid told the newspaper. Another key ally was a billionaire friend of Reid's, Robert Bigelow, who owned and supplied a space company.

The head of the UFO program at the Pentagon later summarized the results. What was previously science fiction is now "science fact", it said. The US is unable to defend itself against the technologies it has explored. It didn't help - in 2012, the Pentagon stopped funding.

The man who led UFO work at the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo, resigned in protest because his work had been sabotaged by the ministry. But he announced that the secret work would now be led by a successor in the ministry. He keeps his name a secret.

The fight goes on.

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