Can I start boxing at midnight?

Until when can you learn boxing?

Whether 40 years or 10 - that's no problem at all. You can of course start boxing at any time. It is really never too late to do a good thing.

Of course, at 10 you have a completely different level of mobility and therefore also have different requirements in terms of agility.

On the other hand, children have bigger problems with attention. They cannot concentrate as much and often take longer to fully understand a technique, although they may find it easier to perform a technique. In addition, they lack the necessary strength for a really effective technique.

"Older semesters" have certain advantages here. You could also formulate it a little philosophically: the wisdom of old age versus the hot spur of youth. This is often shown in the fighting behavior itself. Many older athletes fight much more carefully and thus more effectively (because more economically) compared to their younger training comrades.

Many techniques and skills will gradually improve as you practice. Ultimately, everything learned is nothing but an acquired skill. In this respect, age should by no means be put in the foreground or even viewed as an obstacle.

If boxing is viewed primarily as a means of maintaining health and fitness, I personally think that this sport has very good prerequisites for fulfilling these goals. Even if you only start boxing later in life, you can improve your personal fitness, flexibility, endurance and strength. Ultimately, it is these last four factors that determine the state of health of everyone. This can counteract the body's natural aging process. Of course, a reversal is not possible, but it has been proven that active people can stay active much longer than people who no longer trust themselves because of their age.

I personally know a number of considerably older people, some of whom only started very late (some even only when they were retired) and who have now made it much further than they would have dared to hope for.

Boxing itself does not set any limits; only people set themselves limits by having too many concerns, by having too little confidence in themselves or in others. If you really want something, you will always find a way to achieve your goals.