What's your favorite scene in Scarface

My favorite scene from "Blood Diamond"

If someone asks me about my absolutely favorite scene, I would have to give them several answers. For example, the battle on Omaha Beach in "Saving Private Ryan". Jodie Foster combing Buffalo Bill's basement in The Silence of the Lambs. Or maybe the legendary "THAT'S SPARTA!" from "300"? In the end I decided against the "mainstream" and opted for a slightly more inconspicuous scene: the death of Danny Archer in "Blood Diamond".

For those who do not know the film, the short summary of the story: Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) from Zimbabwe is an arms and diamond smuggler in the civil war-torn Sierra Leone. One day he learns of a giant 100 carat that was found and buried by captive miner Solomon Wendy (Djimon Hounsou). Archer wants nothing more than to find this stone and embarks on a dangerous journey during which he also meets the American journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) and gets closer to her. The latter, in turn, is skeptical about Archer's ambiguous dealings, but wants to use his help to pin down the big masterminds of the blood diamond industry in Europe.

Now to the scene that, to be honest, moves me to tears every time, which burns itself into my head every time and lingers in it for a few hours, which every damn time with its soundtrack just creates goosebumps feeling, which is just awesome because I love Leonardo DiCaprio really grew dear to the heart during the film and he plays godlike again, which is of such indescribable beauty due to the setting in the Sierra Leone mountains. What am I talking about anyway? Read it yourself:

Danny Archer is together with Solomon Wendy, whose son, who has since been used by the rebels as a child soldier, and the diamond on the run from a mercenary troop who want to get their hands on the stone. Archer is shot and seriously wounded and has to be carried by Wendy to get to a waiting plane in time. He selflessly gives the locals the object of desire and is left alone. Knowing that the mercenaries will soon catch up with him and that he will die, he crouches on a rock. The view is gigantic, it extends over a wide green valley, the sun shines in its most beautiful tones. With his last bit of strength he calls Maddy, who is now back in Europe:

"Thought I'd never call, huh?" - "And I am very glad that you are doing it. When will we see you?" "Maddy, you have to do me another favor. You have to meet Solomon in Conakry." - "Guinea? Why do I have to go to Guinea?"
"We found his son. And now he needs help, you understand?" Archer gasps audibly, is in enormous pain. - "You are injured .. Archer, are you injured?" - "You know, I have a little problem here."
Maddy fights with her tears: "Ok, you tell me now where you are." - "I have an incredible view, very nice. I wish you were here Maddy." - "Ok, then I'll come to you right away, you just have to tell me where you are." - "That's not a good idea. [...] Maddy, look for something where the boy is absolutely safe, where nobody can find him. And bring Solomon to London. He's bringing something, you understand? He needs your help . " - "Then why don't you bring it yourself?"
"Listen, now it's really a story - and you make sure that it hits. I'm very happy that I met you. Do you know that?" Maddy sobbing: "Yes, I'm also very happy that I met you. And I wish I could be with you now." - "It's okay, I'm exactly where I belong, Maddy."

Maddy is crying, Archer hangs up, his blood drips onto the red earth. In the background the epic soundtrack (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCkVmlSVmns). He takes the sand in his hand, knows that this is where he belongs. To the continent where the earth is reddened with blood. Smiling, he leans his head against the rock. He is happy. The camera slowly moves away from him and reveals the beautiful surroundings. How he ultimately dies remains open.

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