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Top 10: The Most Successful Songs by Alan Walker

Most popular songs from the Norwegian hit producer

Written by: Jannik Pesenacker - Henry Einck, on October 17th, 2019
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Alan Walker - his most successful songs.

Alan Walker is definitely one of the up-and-coming artists in the field of dance pop in recent years. The British-Norwegian music producer moves precisely in the field of dance music that can perform on the radios as well as in the clubs. His music is characterized by a unique dance-pop style that is difficult to describe and cannot be assigned to any fixed genre. This style originated in his nursery when he was 17 while working on a song called “Fade”. A year later, a vocal version hit the international singles charts and clubs around the world. Since then, the 22-year-old musician has been all uphill. He has already accompanied Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix as a support act on world tours, has already had over seven billion views on YouTube and released his debut album “Different World” in 2018. Today we look at the most successful works of the young career of the "Faded" producer.

Alan Walker - his most successful tracks

Before we start the ranking, we want to give a brief explanation of the composition of the placements. We have selected three categories to calculate the top 10. The first category is YouTube. We looked at how many times a song was clicked on YouTube. The second category is Spotify. The same applies there, only that we looked at the streaming numbers here. The third category is the chart positions in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. We converted the numbers into points. A maximum of 300 points could be achieved for each category. In the charts category, there were 100 possible points for each country. Ultimately, a maximum yield of 900 points was possible.

Note: This ranking does not represent 100% of the success of the songs. We have developed our own system for calculating the order, which we found legitimate. In addition, some of Alan Walker's songs are still up-to-date and therefore logically couldn't generate as many clicks / streams as a single from a few years ago. Nevertheless, we tried to make the order as fair as possible. If you are not satisfied with the ranking, you are welcome to express your personal opinion in the comments. However, this ranking is not based on one's own opinion, but on a system measured according to success. If you have any further questions about our scoring, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for understanding.

10th place: Ignite (with K-391, Julie Bergan & Seungri) [70 points]

We start the ranking with a more recent song by Alan Walker. The starting shot is the single "Ignite", which was released on June 7, 2018 via Sony Music on the market. With this number, Alan Walker could not place in any of the chart-relevant countries in the top 100, but impressed with a remarkable performance on the streaming platforms. The Norwegian produced the song with his mentor K-391, who helped him with the production of “Faded”, among other things. Singer Julie Bergan and South Korean singer Seungri (member of the K-pop group Big Bang) were responsible for the vocals. Bergan took over the majority of the stanzas and was particularly convincing in the chorus with a strong voice. Seungri was heard in a short, dark stanza part. Walker and K-391 underlay the vocals with the typical, modern “Faded” sound, which was fast and moving forward. The modern, captivating style was particularly well received on YouTube, where the music video has over 250 million clicks.

Spotify: 129 million | YouTube: 276 million | Charts: X (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


9th place: Diamond Heart (with Sophia Somajo) [71 points]

"Diamond Heart" landed in ninth place with only one point ahead. The album single was released at the end of July 2018 and was recorded together with the Swedish singer Sophia Somajo, for whom “Diamond Heart” is by far the greatest success. The two had well-known support in creating “Diamond Heart”. Because among others, songwriter and producer Thomas Troelsen, who has already worked on world hits by David Guetta (“Say My Name”) and many other stars, had his fingers in the game. Later the track was also part of Alan Walker's debut album "Different World". The single could not assert itself in the charts. In Germany it was only enough for 89th place, while in the United States and England no place could be achieved. Only in Walker's homeland, Norway, could the number perform first-class. There the song climbed to the top of the charts. Much more successful than in the charts, however, the production was on Spotify and YouTube. There the piece collected more than 300 million streams. "Diamond Heart" is a typical Walker single that, despite the catchy hook and melody, could not fully meet expectations.

Spotify: 143 million | YouTube: 159 million | Charts: 89 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


8th place: On My Way (with Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko) [101 points]

The latest single from this ranking is called “On My Way” and comes in eighth with 101 points. The number was released on March 21, 2019 and appeared in a different sound guise than usual Alan Walker tracks. This time, the half-Brit got support from the singer Sabrina Carpenter, who, in addition to her current successful singing career, is also an actor for many Disney series, and the reggae musician Farruko, who has already worked with Latin stars like Bad Bunny or Daddy Yankee cooperated. The unusual composition was also reflected in the music. “On My Way” clearly stands out from the other songs in this ranking. While Carpenter's lead vocal sounds quite typical, the instrumental and the drop have a very oriental touch. Then there is the Spanish vocal part of Farruko, which rounds off the entire constellation. This strange mixture was able to convince the Spotify and YouTube listeners, but only just made it into the single charts in Germany. “On My Way” wasn't a flop, but the experiment wasn't that successful either.

Spotify: 206 million | YouTube: 222 million | Charts: 85 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


7th place: Tired (with Gavin James) [103 points]

The next single on our list is "Tired". "Tired" is his first release with a male singer. The track was released at the end of May 2017 and adds Alan Walker's typical sounds into a format suitable for radio. The focus of the single is clearly on the vocals of Irishman Gavin James and the drop is also quite calm. Walker and James had a lot of support in creating the song. For example, Mike Needle and Dan Bryer, who already wrote songs for Rag'n'Bone Man, One Direction and other stars, were involved in the songwriting and Gunnar Greve, who signed Walker in 2015, and Mood Melodies, who also worked for Zedd, Jessie J and other musicians produced, involved in the production. After the release, the song was able to take off mainly on the streaming platforms. The charts didn't do that well for the number either, despite the fact that they wrapped Walker's style into radio-friendly form.

Spotify: 182 million | YouTube: 132 million | Charts: 66 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


6th place: Darkside (with Au / Ra & Tomine Harket) [118 points]

We continue with a song that is stylistically more oriented towards the number one single “Faded”. A few months after the national success of "Ignite", Alan Walker followed up with the number "Darkside". The Norwegian took over the production alone. Singers Au / Ra and Tomine Harket helped out with songwriting and singing. Au / Ra is a 17 year old singer from Antigua who is predicted to have a great career. Tomine Harket is rather limited to the national, Norwegian area, where she was able to record some minor successes. In this three-way constellation, the musicians produced the song "Darkside". They lived up to the title of the song and showed their "dark side". The single was just as melancholy as “Faded” or “Sing Me To Sleep” and relies on a calm instrumental and soulful vocals in the verses. In the drop it becomes much more thrilling, but the gloomy atmosphere remains there as well. With the well-known style, Walker hit the top in his homeland. In Germany it was only enough for 97th place. The impressive number of clicks of almost 400 million on YouTube put “Darkside” in 6th place.

Spotify: 229 million | YouTube: 393 million | Charts: 97 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


5th place: All Falls Down (with Noah Cyrus, Digital Farm Animals & Juliander) [162 points]

On October 27, 2017, Alan Walker released "All Falls Down", a track for which he had the American singer Noah Cyrus, the British DJ and producer Digital Farm Animals and the singer Juliander in the studio. In addition to the four, more musicians were involved in the production. As with “Tired”, Mood Melodies Walker supported the production of “All Falls Down”. Richard Boardman, who was also involved in songs by Bebe Rexha and Galantis, also had his fingers in the game under his alias The Six. All Falls Down is not a typical Walker production. At first, Alan Walker's typical elements cannot be heard. That only changes in the drop. But here, too, the instrumental is much quieter than in most of the Norwegian’s tracks. However, this track could hardly establish itself in the charts either. Here, too, it is again true that the success was particularly great on the streaming platforms. The single generated almost 350 million plays on Spotify and almost 200 million on YouTube.

Spotify: 347 million | YouTube: 189 million | Charts: 75 (DE) / 87 (UK) / X (US)


4th place: The Specter [182 points]

In fourth place is the single "The Specter", which has a similar history to "Faded". The official release of the song was September 15, 2017, but the unofficial release year of the number is different. "The Specter" is a new edition of the song "Specter", which Alan Walker produced before his breakthrough and made available to the NoCopyrightSound label. Especially during the hype about “Faded”, the number of clicks on the NCS video on YouTube increased. Walker worked with other producers on a new version of the song because he suspected that the success could build on "Faded". Of course, “The Specter” did not come close to the number one single, but this song was also a great success, which also made it into the top 50 of the German single charts. With the same style of music, new vocals and an increased tempo, the new version of the track went viral on the streaming platforms. 674 million views on YouTube are definitely impressive.

Spotify: 167 million | YouTube: 674 million | Charts: 50 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


3rd place: Sing Me To Sleep [235 points]

"Sing Me To Sleep" won the bronze medal with 235 points. The top 10 position in the official German charts is particularly noticeable. Because in the USA and also in the UK the song did not perform very well. The half billion views on YouTube, which are only topped by three other songs, are also decisive for this high ranking. 250 million streams on Spotify take care of the rest, which contributes to the top 3 placement. But how did the piece become so successful? He got Iselin Solheim, the same singer as on his world hit “Faded” and built the song on in a very similar way to its predecessor. So he proceeded entirely according to the concept: What works once will work a second time. And he was right. Even if it is almost a copy of “Faded” in principle, the single took off in full swing.

Spotify: 244 million | YouTube: 554 million | Charts: 10 (DE) / 95 (UK) / X (US) 


2nd place: Alone [321 points]

He used the strategy just described for the following single, "Alone", which was released on December 2, 2016. Once again he secured the service of a female singer, wrote melancholy, memorable vocals and produced a modern downtempo drop with a suitable melody. This time, instead of Iselin Solheim, there was the singer Noonie Bao, who in previous years sang for star DJs such as Alesso, Don Diablo and Avicii and wrote numerous chart hits. The Swede delivered an outstanding vocal performance on "Alone", which had a perfect chemistry with the modern instrumental. "Alone" was even able to trump its predecessor "Sing Me To Sleep", but couldn't get to "Faded". The music video, which is well worth seeing, became a great success on YouTube and is on the way to cracking the billion mark. On Spotify, “Alone” is still in the third billion range, but 367 million speak for an impressively successful dance-pop track. The great success was only curbed by the failure in the UK and the US. The song didn't perform there at all.

Spotify: 367 million | YouTube: 960 million | Charts: 4 (DE) / X (UK) / X (US)


1st place: Faded [815 points]

Unsurprisingly, “Faded” landed at number 1 among the most successful songs by Alan Walker. With almost 500 points, it is definitely a deserved first place. There are hardly any words left to say about first place. So let's first let the numbers speak for themselves: The track was heard 1.1 billion times on Spotify, 2.5 billion times viewed on YouTube, and was number one on the local charts in 15 countries, including Spain, Croatia and Germany, landed in the top 10 of the charts in ten other countries, was awarded three diamond and 63 platinum awards and was able to sell over seven million times. “Faded”, which was released at the end of 2015, is basically just a vocal version of his instrumental piece “Fade”, which he produced in 2014 at the age of 17. The vocals were sung by the Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim, who is not mentioned in the title. It's fair to say that “Faded” is one of the most successful songs of the decade and will probably be Walker's biggest hit forever.

Spotify: 1.1 billion | YouTube: 2.5 billion | Charts: 12 (DE) / 16 (UK) / 4 (US)