Should Groupon create a local sales API

API key

So that your shop can communicate with your shop with tricoma and tricoma, you need an API key for identification and authentication.

Security notice: Only give out the API key to people you trust, as you only need the key to access your orders, customer data and products.

Basics: You can create several keys and use them for tricoma as well. However, it makes sense to assign the key directly to "tricoma (IPResearch GmbH)" so that you know that this key is used for tricoma and nothing else. The direct assignment to tricoma is possible because we are a certified "Technology Partner" of
Approved partner of the Rakuten Shopping Mall

To create the API key:
1. Log into the backend (administration interface) of your shop at

2. Click below Connect! > Tools & Services on "Shop: API".

3. In the "Rakuten Shop API", select "tricoma (IPResearch GmbH)" as the software under "Create new API key" and assign the "read & write" right for products, orders and categories. Click on "add" to generate the key.

4. Under "API key" you can now see the key that has just been created for tricoma with the set rights and status. The status should be "activated" so that tricoma can establish a connection with the key to the Rakuten shop.
If you click on the icon on the far right, you can change the rights and status of the API key.

Dominik Werner

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