Why are elephants so intelligent

Memory of elephants

Many associate elephant memory with amazing abilities. Their memory is generally considered to be very good. This corresponds to the large brains of elephants. But how important is the size of a brain? And how does the brain and memory of elephants compare to that of humans?

An elephant's brain weighs approx 4.2 kilograms and thus about three times as much as the human brain. But it would be wrong to claim that elephants are three times as intelligent as humans. However, it is known that elephants are capable of extraordinary mental performances.

Brain size is not critical

In order to predict the memory of an animal based on its brain, in addition to the size of the brain, the size of the brain relative to the body and the density of nerve cells are also decisive. Despite the larger brain, elephants have fewer nerve cells than humans, for example. Nonetheless, are Elephantstoextraordinary achievements able:

  • You can log in Remember water points within a 60 kilometer radius. They can also recognize conspecifics and low pressure areas at great distances.
  • Elephants have the ability Tools to manufacture. For example, they break off branches and make brushes out of them.
  • Studies on the memory of elephants have also shown that elephants Use tools also in cooperation. In an experiment, elephants realized that they can only get the food if they pull a rope in a group.

Nerve cells die - stop decay

Humans, like elephants, have nerve cells that increasingly die in the course of life. In humans, those nerve cells that are not used are most likely to die. This means that it is important to train your memory regularly so it can stop the decline. The easiest way to do this is with NeuroNation's memory training. The Psychologist Doctor Jaeggi was able to show with her studies that it is possible to increase memory performance and that the effect lasts for a long time. The exercise 2-back was derived from this, among other things. Try the exercise right away.