Which scenes in the movie scared you

Study shows: This is the scariest horror film of all time

A company that actually specializes in finding the right broadband Internet provider in Great Britain has now carried out a study that they call the “Science Of Scare Project”. The aim was to determine which horror film is particularly "scary", i.e. particularly creepy or also the most terrifying.

The study is certainly not strictly scientific, but a very interesting and informative gimmick. 50 people of different age groups were shown the 50 best horror films according to Internet platforms such as IMDb, Reddit and Rotten Tomatoes. During the approximately 120 hours of horror enjoyment, their heart rate was measured and it was determined in which films and which scenes the heart beats particularly quickly.

"Sinister" and "Insidious" particularly frighten us

The result: According to this measurement, “Sinister” is the scariest film of all time, because the heart rate is highest there on average: from the average value of the test subjects of 65 beats per minute, it rose to an average of 86 beats per minute over the entire duration of the film.

At the highest single horror moment, "Sinister" just had to admit defeat to the overall second-placed "Insidious". There the hearts beat an average of 133 beats per minute during the biggest jump scare, the scariest single moment of "Sinister" is just below that with 131 beats per minute.

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In the small study, older classics consistently performed worse than the more modern horror films. "Nightmare - Murderous Dreams" (13th place), "Halloween" (14), "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (15) or "The Exorcist" (17) will still seem to be very, but not quite as much as in more recent films like "Conjuring" (3), "Hereditary" (4) or "Paranormal Activity" (5) scary.

In addition, the study is very US-oriented. With Takashi Miike's drama “Audition” at number 35, there is only a single non-English language film in the top 35 published by broadbandchoices.co.uk.

The complete list with further details can be found in this picture - plus the hint that the “scariest” film does not have to be the “best” of course, as the company behind the study itself with reference to the lower rankings of “The Witch” and "Alien" explained.

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