Should we rebuild the Titanic

TITANIC 2 - The replica of the Titanic is scheduled to set sail in 2022!

Titanic: The original from 1912

The Titanic entered service in 1912 as one of three Olympic-class ships for the shipping company White Star Line. The original Titanic was built at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast and was considered the largest ship in the world at the time of commissioning on April 2, 1912.

The Titanic was supposed to run liner services between Southampton and New York like its identical sister ships, but the Titanic's maiden voyage was her last voyage. On April 14, 1912, at around 11:40 p.m., the ship collided with an iceberg 300 nautical miles southeast of Newfoundland. Due to the accident with the iceberg, the Titanic sank completely a little more than two and a half hours after the impact.

The crew didn't manage to save the over 2200 people on board in the 2.5 hours, but rather in the 2 hours and 40 minutes. The Titanic had killed around 1,500 people at the time. The exact number is unclear and is given as 1490-1517 people. The main reason that so many people died was the fact that the Titanic had far too few lifeboats. The sinking of the RMS Titanic is one of the biggest casualties in passenger shipping.

The Titanic sister ships "RMS Olympic" and "HMHS Britannic"

The sister ship RMS Olympic, which was also the type ship of the Olympic class, was decommissioned in Jarrow in 1935. First, the interior furnishings were expanded over two years and some of it was sold. The hull was eventually scrapped in Inverkeithing, Scotland. The wooden panels of the RMS Olympic can be found today on the Celebrity Millenium of Celebrity Cruises in the restaurant.

The second sister ship of the RMS Titanic with the name Brittanic was never used as a passenger ship. It had the addition of HMHS (His Majesty's Hospital) and was sunk in the First World War. In November 1916 the HMHS Brittanic sailed in the Aegean Sea and was probably sunk by a mine hit. The HMHS Britannic was the largest of the three ships from the Olympic class of the White Star Line and had a different design compared to the RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic.

Titanic 2

Commissioning in 2022

The "Titanic II" project around Clive Palmer and the Blue Star Line is picking up speed again. The Titanic replica is now not to be built in China but in Dubai and put into service in 2022.

Titanic 2 construction progress

The first tests in the Hamburg research institute have already been carried out. However, construction in China never started. Now it was announced in 2018 that the Titanic 2 will be built in Dubai. However, construction has not yet started. Therefore, there is currently no construction progress, but the plans are all ready.

Replica of the RMS Titanic is being built in China

The Titanic 2 should come to the oceans, at least that is the dream ofAustralian billionaire Clive Palmer the oneTitanic replica in China on theCSC Jinling shipyard in Nanjing should have commissioned. Billionaire Palmer is said to be the fifth richest man in the country with 5.05 billion Australian dollars. In addition to the new building, he also has the shipping company "Blue Star Line"Based on the shipping company at the time"White Star Line”Founded.

The new Titanic II is designed by experienced European experts

The Titanic II is designed in Europe but built in China. Palmer has already had good experiences with the shipyard, he has already had four transport ships built there and also trusts the Chinese to build the Titanic 2. Construction of the Titanic II is scheduled to start in 2014.

The technical data of the Titanic 2 are initially not spectacular, with a length of 270 meters and a height of 53 meters, it is in the middle of the range of previous cruise ships. The original Titanic was about 269 meters long overall. The number of cabins in the Titanic II will be the same as in the original from 1912 - there will be 840 cabins on nine decks. The new Titanic will be much safer, the latest safety systems on board as well as the latest navigation systems will be installed on the bridge. The Titanic 2 will also get stabilizers and 18 lifeboats on an additional deck. This deck differs from the original, but makes perfect sense.

Maiden voyage from Dubai to Southampton instead of Southampton to New York

The Titanic II is scheduled to start its maiden voyage in Dubai, where it is also being built. After being handed over to the Blue Star Line shipping company, the ship will embark on its first voyage, a 14-day cruise from Dubai to Southamptin.

Previous plan until 2018

TheTitanic II shouldbe completed in 2018 andbe relatively identical to the original Titanic, which sank in 1912, only much more modern and safer. So the ship should be equipped with a proper bulbous bow and of course with bow thrusters and stern thrusters as standard in order to have optimal maneuverability. The ship should get the original dimensions of the Titanic and just as much luxury just much more modern. The ship will be 270 meters long and 53 meters high. Based on its model, the replica will also offer 840 cabins on a total of nine decks. The construction costs of the Titanic II were not communicated. Of course, Clive Palmer does not want to miss the maiden voyage, he will witness it in third grade.

The previously planned transfer trip from Shanghai to Southampton should bring $ 1 million for a ticket

Palmer wants themTitanic 2 will be transferred from Shanghai to Southampton in autumn 2018 and set sail from there on the maiden voyage, of course to New York. The Titanic II is to expire with 2,500 passengers - the Blue Star Line is said to have already received around 40,000 ticket inquiries for the maiden voyage, and almost 20 people are said to have already bid 1 million euros for a ticket.

Clothing from 1910 is to be provided on the Titanic 2

In order to preserve the nostalgia on board, there are also costumes from earlier times on board which can be borrowed and used by the passengers. There will also be a separation of the three classes on board, Clive Palmer announced that he will reside in third class on the maiden voyage.

Update: December 11th, 2018

Lloyd’s Register is committed to the Titanic II project

Blue Star Line Chairman Clive Palmer announced today on December 11th, 2018 that Lloyd’s Register, the leading international marine classification society, has committed to the Titanic II project.
“We are very excited to announce that Lloyd's Register will be working on Titanic II again and will join a strong global team to bring the great replica ship to life.

"Blue Star Line looks forward to working closely with you to bring this project to life," said Palmer.
Lloyd’s Register has more than 250 years of experience with passenger ships and is responsible for reviewing drawings, calculations and studies for the Titanic II to ensure compliance with modern standards.
The work also includes compliance with the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) conventions with regard to structure, stability and safety.
Francesco Ruisi, Lloyd’s Register Manager for North Asia Passenger Ship (PSSC), said: Lloyd’s Register is pleased to continue participating in this project.

"Blue Star Line has selected Lloyd’s Register as one of the partners for this project. We will support Blue Start Line and other stakeholders in ensuring that the Titanic II is designed and built in accordance with all applicable legal requirements and classification regulations, ”said Ruisi.
Blue Star Line will create an authentic Titanic experience by providing passengers with a ship with the same interiors and cabin layouts as the original ship. At the same time, modern security procedures, navigation methods and the technology of the 21st century are integrated in order to offer the highest level of comfort.
The ship will follow the original voyage, carrying passengers from Southampton to New York, but it will also circle the world, inspiring and enchanting people as it attracts unparalleled attention, intrigue and mystery in every port that it visits.
“Millions have dreamed of sailing on her, seeing her in port and experiencing her unique majesty. Titanic II will be the ship on which these dreams come true, ”said Palmer.

Blue Star Line: Clive Palmer's shipping company

In addition to the Titanic II Palmer wants to build a whole fleet of new cruise ships for his new shipping company. Previously, Palmer made his living from hotels, coal and iron ore mines, and a football team.

Blue Star Line: Europe office in Paris

The European headquarters of the Blue Star Line shipping company, which was previously in London, is still manned, but is now moving to Paris in spring 2019. Clive Palmer says a European headquarters outside of Europe doesn't make sense, which is why the European headquarters are now relocating from England to France.

A new video has also been released with various technical specifications, this can be found at the bottom of the page.

Well-known partners for the construction of the new Titanic

The Blue Star Line has brought well-known companies on board for the construction and design of the Titanic 2. Tillberg, Lloyds and V-Ships from Monaco are involved in the project and let their skills flow there. The hull tests were already successfully completed in Hamburg in the Hamburg Ship Research Institute in 2013. Construction is now to start in 2014 and 2015 respectively, so that nothing stands in the way of the maiden voyage in 2018.

Annual review 2013 and preview of 2014

The crew around Clive Palmer will now rebuild the original cabins for the Titanic 2, and the complete work for the start of construction should start relatively soon in 2014. Emotions are also taken care of, so the Titanic Advisory Board was expanded to include Philip Littlejohn. The man is the grandson of a 1st class steward on the original 1912 RMS Titanic.

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Image comparison of Titanic 2 and RMS Titanic

The pool on the Titanic II and the Titanic from 1912

The dining room for the first class on the Titanic II and the Titanic from 1912

The dining room for the third class on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

The smoking room on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

The navigating bridge on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

The atrium on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

The Café Parisien on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

The radio room on the Titanic 2 and the Titanic from 1912

First class cabin on the Titanic 2 and the 1912 Titanic

Video details of the Titanic 2