What really happened at the Skinwalker Ranch

There's a ranch in Utah called Skinwalker, whose story is as creepy as its name. It has been the epicenter of countless paranormal activity and UFO sightings for over two centuries.

It was the site of a secret UFO study partially funded by the Pentagon. In the tradition of the Navajo tribe, the area is home to a sinister, form-shifting wolf, the "Skinwalker".

Now, for the first time, a team of researchers and scientists have gained access to the ranch - one of the most infamous and secret hotspots for paranormal phenomena and UFO-related activity on earth - to put their investigations on film.

Business owner Brandon Fugal is the new owner of the ranch and is funding the current investigation. Dr. Travis Taylor, who brings his scientific knowledge from the fields of engineering and aerospace technology to the investigation.


Unlike other areas in America known for UFO activity, such as Area 51, weird sightings have been going on at the Skinwalker Ranch for more than 200 years. Can you provide background information on the history of the events at the Skinwalker Ranch?

Brandon Fugal: This is not a contemporary phenomenon, but something that has been around for generations.

The Indian tribes in the area have spoken of strange occurrences with lights in the sky and inexplicable phenomena for generations. Such events have occurred more frequently in the past few decades. And for some reason, this property appears to be the center of a myriad of unexplained phenomena, ranging from unidentified objects in flight, to cattle mutilations, to the appearance of fireballs and some very disturbing electromagnetic anomalies that lead to equipment failure and health problems.

People have been seriously injured, and some of my team members have been hospitalized with injuries that cannot be explained by any conventional explanation. And, you know, we take these incidents very seriously. It is important to note that this is a dangerous place. Anyone entering the property must sign a disclaimer. You need to acknowledge the risks associated with the property.


Brandon, you know about real estate. The ranch doesn't look like a good investment with a history of UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and inexplicable phenomena. Why did you want to buy the property?

Brandon Fugal: I see the purchase of the Skinwalker Ranch as a scientific endeavor and not as an investment that brings a meaningful return on investment. My motivation when buying the ranch was to answer this timeless question: Are we really alone in the universe?

I was blown away to own this property and my perspective has completely changed. It opened my mind to the possibility that we really are not alone in the universe, that there is more to this planet than what is visible to the eye. And I find it a very inspiring endeavor. We are happy to have the public with us on our trip.


Dr. Taylor, how is your involvement in the Skinwalker Ranch investigation? What was your attitude towards UFOs and the paranormal before joining this project?

Dr. Travis Taylor: I have always been skeptical of 99.9% of all paranormal reports because many testimonies do not provide scientifically valid data. They are not repeatable and there is usually no scientific device to record whatever an eyewitness claims to have seen. Often an eyewitness misunderstood what he was seeing. Even fighter pilots and astronauts get it wrong sometimes.

And so we were very skeptical at first because we thought we would find a hallucinogenic plant, for example, or phenomena of natural origin that cause confusion. Or there is a government base nearby and people just don't understand what they are seeing.

When I arrived I realized that none of this is the case and that things are happening on the ranch that we just cannot explain and that change the way I see things.

I don't like the term “paranormal”, I like Brandon's phrase “high oddity” which is much better because “paranormal” assumes that something is supernatural. And I think at some point we'll be able to explain what's on the Skinwalker Ranch goes on, even if it turns out to be from another universe or another dimension, or something from space, or just natural phenomena that Mother Nature surprises us with.


In episode 1, Brandon, you mention that the previous owners, the Shermans, were terrorized while they were on the ranch. What happened to them?
Brandon Fugal: The previous owners experienced a variety of phenomena. Much of it was terrifying. And not only did they watch UFOs fly over the property, but they were also financially harmed.

The mutilation of their cattle occurred within minutes in broad daylight, the cause of which has never been clarified. These mutilations were surgically precise. No traces of blood were found on, around, or under the animals, which was quite unsettling. The Shermans had experiences that can be described as poltergeist-like over a period of several years. And after facing so many disturbing events, they decided to sell.

You were approached by Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow. His company, Bigelow Aerospace, had an interest in bringing a team of scientists to the property to document and investigate the origin of the "great curiosity" taking place there. This whole investigation began 24 years ago, and the Skinwalker Ranch became the center of a Pentagon-funded Black Budget program that investigated the reality of the UFO phenomena and other unexplained events on the property.


What was the scientific process you went through, Dr. Taylor to investigate the strange activity on the ranch? Have you adopted approaches from Bigelow's earlier investigations?

Dr. Travis Taylor: Since Bigelow never shared his information with anyone, it might as well never have happened. Because part of the scientific method is for other scientists to repeat experiments to see what happens.

First of all, I wanted to measure the electromagnetic and acoustic environmental fields. And when I got there, we measured unusual electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation that couldn't be explained.

There is a myth about the ranch that if you dig in the ground there, bad things will happen. And so we thought about how we could still do it safely. Every investigation starts small, but the first results get bigger. One hopes that something will be found. And boy, we did that.


Dr. Taylor, while examining the ranch, did you have firsthand experience of a "high oddity"?

Dr. Travis Taylor: Name a phenomenon you associate with UFOs, and I swear to you, I've seen it. There are even fourteen seconds missing from my life. And the cameras didn't record that either. The cameras were always pointed at me and suddenly went black. I remember things that no one else could check. The whole experience was strange.

Something is happening out there that affects you in one way or another. I'm not exactly sure how to explain. In the last eight or nine months of my life since I've been on the ranch, I've had more troubling nightmares than in the last fifty years of my life. And not because I'm afraid of the ranch, but because I think there is something about the place that affects how I think about something or how I sleep. But it's an interesting phenomenon that is real. I never thought that just reading the story or watching other people's YouTube videos would be real.

Brandon, episode 1 describes the ranch as a personality. How do you explain this to someone who has never visited you?

Brandon Fugal: It is a beautiful and haunting place. Not only does it offer some of the most beautiful scenery and natural backdrops, but also a number of very haunting older buildings that remain to this day. The experiences and the mood on the property can change from one moment to the next. It feels peaceful on the property and the next moment the vibe can be terrifying. The events that occur come without warning.

In addition to being terrifying, they can be disturbing to those involved in the investigation who currently reside on the property. Part of the previous owner's team has vowed never to set foot on the property again for the rest of their lives. In fact, Mr Bigelow himself stated that he had no desire to ever return to the property. '

You are a man of faith, Brandon. How do you balance your religious beliefs with your experience at the Skinwalker Ranch?

I was raised to believe that our existence is not a fault. There is a higher power, a Creator. We are not alone in the universe. And I believe the scientific investigation we are conducting on the property has the potential to testify to the fact that we are, in fact, not alone in the universe.

I think most people believe that our consciousness persists after death. And I think a scientific explanation for this could be that we really live in a multidimensional reality. Could the Skinwalker Ranch provide a glimpse into other dimensions of reality? I think that might be possible. I believe that our scientific research has the potential to expand human knowledge. And an understanding of our existence and role in the universe like no other project before.

Has participating in the research at Skinwalker Ranch changed the way you view things as a scientist in any way, Dr. Taylor?

Dr. Travis Taylor: When I hear people talking about an inexplicable experience, I now think a little differently about them because I realized that something happened there when I was there. Ordinary people can only use words to report their experiences, not scientific evidence.

I feel bad now because everyone has been skeptical of their claims for so long - some of them may have been made up, but others weren't. And it changed the way I see and listen when people talk to me about things like that.

The research also encouraged me to recognize that there is a national and global need to find out what is causing these phenomena. Not only from a philosophical and metaphysical point of view, but also from a national security and belief point of view. And so I'm really excited and enthusiastic and empowered to get to the bottom of the secret.