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Men's makeup: more than just powder?

When it comes to makeup for men, many think of hair gel and powder. But especially when it comes to working in front of the camera, be it film or photo, much more can be done than that. Actors and models, just like their female colleagues, benefit from good make-up. And that means a lot more work for make-up artists than just dabbing sweat from your forehead. Now you will find out how you can actually make a man even more beautiful.


A simple trick to instantly making men look more trimmed is to shape their eyebrows. Even if individual, annoying hairs can be plucked, it is usually sufficient to comb the hair smooth with an eyelash brush. You can use your own for this Brow gel. But a little hairspray also works.

Gaps and lighter areas can also be made with eye shadow or Brow powder to complete. Darkening by one or two nuances can also look very good. The natural shape of the brows should be retained in order to avoid a traced-looking result.


Eyeshadow is also used in men: light, sand-colored eyeshadow on the movable lid and below the brow, makes the eyes appear larger and covers redness. Brown eyeshadow along the crease also provides more definition and, dabbed just below the lower lash line, makes the eyes look more distinctive.

Also Mascara is allowed. This should be chosen to match the skin type - so do not turn out too dark if it is someone with light hair. In contrast to women, the aim here is not to create volume, but simply to give the eyelashes more density by tinting them. It should therefore not be worked in an upward rolling, but rather horizontally stroking movement.

In all of this, it is important that both eye shadow and mascara cannot be recognized as such. The result must be subtle enough so that it cannot be distinguished from the other, naturally occurring skin tones.


Even if the lips remain free of lipstick in most cases, these should not be forgotten. Brittle, dry lips don't look good in front of the camera - a colorless, non-glossy lip balm (such as Carmex) helps. If it corresponds to the style of the shoot, the color of the lips can also be changed with the help of natural tones. In this way, these can be harmonized with the rest of the complexion, or made up so that they look better supplied with blood.


Proper beard care is an ongoing process and should not be started at the time of the shoot. With these simple tricks, the appearance of the beard can also be improved afterwards:

If the hair feels rough or shaggy, just something Beard oil Drizzle onto your fingertips and distribute evenly through your hair. Individual hairs that are stubbornly sticking away can also be fixed with hairspray.

Many men also have lighter spots in their beards. In order to create a uniform appearance, these can be artificially darkened. The best way to do this is to dab some eye shadow in the color of the hair on the less heavily overgrown spots with a large, dense brush, or Toppik hair powder use. The latter is suitable not only for the beard, but also for the main hair and simulates fullness.


Experience has shown that skin problems such as pimples are less common in men. On the other hand, there is often significantly more redness and larger pores than in women. Shiny spots also tend to occur more often, so that matting has to be done more often during a shoot or filming.

As a first step, the skin should be prepared for the foundation - at oily skin types clean the face with a toner and then apply a matting primer.
At dry skin Conventional moisturizers are suitable without alcohol, as the skin is often sensitive after shaving. Especially in the beard area, dry areas can occur that require a lot of care.

The Foundation itself should be natural and contain neither shimmer nor glitter particles (unless this is explicitly desired for the look of the shoot). When applying make-up, not only the face but also the ears should definitely be made up, as these are often more reddened in men. If the man also wears a beard, it is important to blend the foundation from the cheeks down, without a border, towards the hair.

Contouring & Highlighting

Contouring and Highlighting, using make-up to add dark and light accents, is probably the best way to naturally accentuate men's faces in front of the lens. You can work with powder as well as cream - the aim is in any case to make the features appear more distinctive. For example, shades of brown can be set under the cheekbones or along the jaw, making them look more sharply drawn.

How far you go depends on the type of shoot. While you should work with caution when taking a film, the contouring can be more pronounced in a black and white photo shoot.