How do people read so many books

That's why successful people read books

Much is said about successful people. So they are often considered to be Early riser, shine with a good one Time management or bring a compelling one personality With.

Often forgotten, however, is the fact that many successful people also read numerous books. The very big ones in particular, such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, say they read around 20 to 50 books a year.

Elon Musk is a voracious reader and when asked how he learned to make rockets, he replied:

"I've read books." - Elon Musk

But what are the reasons why successful people read books?

After all, it shouldn't be because of the amount of free time. Successful people, and maybe you too, often have little of that. So there must be other reasons why successful people don't put a book away so quickly. A

Investing in your own education

First of all, reading encourages your personal general education. Regularly reading newspapers, non-fiction books, biographies and similar works ensures that the reader is constantly expanding his knowledge of the world. If you read a lot, you will better understand what is happening in the world around you and why it may be.

Some of this can then be done directly profitable use in private or professional life. In this way, the reader may learn how to improve his relationship with friends or how to be more skilful with financial questions.

At the same time, knowledge helps ensure that you can be a really convincing personality who is an interesting conversation partner for everyone.

So when you talk to a stranger, you are well equipped to make interesting contributions on any topic and also have your own opinion.

Improving your own communication

It doesn't matter whether we express ourselves in writing or orally. As soon as you want to share your own thoughts, you have to rely on communicating those ideas.

This is where reading helps you, your own communication skills to improve. Just think of it here new technical terms or getting used to precise or complex sentence structures.

It does not matter whether a new business idea is proposed to the business partner or an email is to be sent to the company's own employees. Reading makes it easier for you to give structure to every text, to express yourself linguistically and ultimately to achieve your goals.

Because nothing is more regrettable than a great idea that fails because you could not be conveyed in an appealing way.

Recording and retention of information

If you break reading down to the essential process, this is actually just that Inclusion of information.

On the one hand, this recording of information sets the concentration on the content ahead. But then the content must also be networked with existing knowledge and relevant parts saved become. Active, concentrated reading is therefore closely related to learning.

The reader thus maintains or improves his or her ability to absorb new things and to develop further. As a result, the ability to concentrate and remember is retained.

And on those same skills successful people especially instructed to keep their private and professional life tight and yet always efficient to be able to act.

If you read a lot, it will be easier for you to concentrate for a long time and effortlessly memorize events during the day.

Reading as a hobby

But it would be a Misbelief Assume that all successful people read only as one Job or obligation see. After all, things are only easy for you as long as they also represent relaxation and recreation to a certain extent.

And that definitely applies to reading. Reading can relax you and help you fall asleep, takes you away from everyday life and is entertaining.

At the same time, reading is cheaper than almost any other hobby and is possible at any time. After all, it doesn't matter whether a ten-minute train ride or a Sunday afternoon is to be designed.

With the right reading, time flies by and you learn new things, experience exciting adventures or gain new perspectives.

Promote creativity

The world we live in today is constantly changing. As a result, people need to be extremely flexible in both their private and professional lives. Adjusting and finding solutions to problems, in turn, requires creativity.

And where can this be better trained than by reading books?

Readers put themselves in other people's shoes and imagine whole worlds. So you are constantly creative in order to understand the characters in a novel or to be able to follow the story at all.

Translated to everyday or professional life, this means that you can understand other people better, i.e. gain empathy. At the same time, as a frequent reader, you will be able to find creative new ways to Troubleshooting to tread.

Reading motivates

Even the most successful person thinks of it Motivation hole. There is then a lack of inspiration and motivation to maintain one's own discipline or to tackle new tasks with vigor.

This is where reading begins and ensures your regular Motivation boost. On the one hand, it shows you the many ways in which problems can be solved.

Ultimately, readers are faced with myriad challenges and how to deal with them that they could not even imagine before. At the same time, you can also be inspiring Personalities and characters get to know who can serve as role models through their own actions or views.

Reading as the cornerstone of success

So it is no coincidence that successful people often do too many books read.

So if you're not a bookworm yet, reading regularly would be an interesting new challenge. Maybe you will soon find it difficult to put a book aside.

In an interview, Warren Buffett was once asked about his key to success. He pointed to a pile of books nearby and said:

“Read 500 pages every day. This is how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest ”. - Warren Buffett