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  • The first hit on a hole
  • Under the rules: The area between the tee marks, measured at right angles and two club lengths deep from the outer front corner of the two marks.
  • From the greenkeeper's point of view: the flat surface that was built to mark the tee boxes.


Unusual term. The forward movement of the club towards the ball is the "stroke".


see â € œAddressingâ €


If you can hit a par 5 hole in two strokes, it's called an albatross. This means that you played the hole in 'three under par'.

All Square

This is how the tie at the end of the round in match play is called, a tie on the round is only called â € œsquareâ €.


There is no other sport in which the separation between amateurs and pros is kept as strictly as in golf. In the amateur statute, the amateur term is defined as follows: 'amateur golfers are those who play golf as a sport free of remuneration or enrichment.


These are the most important strokes in the whole game - the ones used to approach the flag. This rapprochement has absolutely nothing to do with human relationships.


see â € œapproachâ €


Playing a fairway from tee to hole with just one stroke, also known as hole-in-one. Â

Off ball

If a golfer hits his ball out of bounds, known as "out of bounds" (also called "OB"), he has to play a new ball from the same spot and incurs an additional penalty stroke. White posts or fences usually indicate the off limit.

Out of bounds

The boundaries of the golf course are marked by white stakes. If the ball lands out of bounds, a second ball must be hit from the same spot. Of course there is a penalty.

Lip out

The top edge of the hole over the edge of the plastic sleeve is called the lip. A ball that appears to fall into the hole "often flips out" if the ball arrives too quickly at the hole.


Equipment is anything that is used, carried or carried by or for the player, except for any ball that he has played on the hole being played and any small object such as coin or tea, if it has been used to position one Balls or the extent of an area where a ball must be dropped.

Equipment includes golf carts - motorized or not. If two or more players use such a car together, then it and everything it contains are considered to be the equipment of the player whose ball is affected; however, as long as the cart is moved by one of the players who share it, it and everything it contains are considered to be that player's equipment. Note: A ball played on the hole to be played is equipment as long as it has been picked up and not put back into play.

Exceptional result

A result that is at least 7 strokes better than the current handicap index of a player. For this purpose, the handicap is additionally reduced by one (with 7-9 strokes better than the handicap index) or by 2 strokes (with 10 and more strokes below the handicap index).

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