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It wasn't long ago that smartphones were viewed as a source of distraction for high school and college students. However, mobile apps turned smartphones into virtual classrooms where students can conduct curriculum activities with ease and focus. Be it learning subjects or organizing activities in the classroom: Thanks to advanced learning management software, learning apps make this much easier. This article will show you some educational applications that students can use to get the most out of their smartphone use.

Anton (1st to 10th grade)

The learning app Anton has been available in the Play Store and App Store since 2017, but can also be used via a website in the browser. It is particularly suitable for elementary school students and students up to 10th grade. Since Anton is an EU-funded educational project, students can use this app completely free of charge and free of advertising, with no hidden cost traps.

With around 100,000 different tasks and 200 interactive exercise types, the app covers pretty much every topic from grades 1 to 10 in different school subjects - matching the curricula of the German federal states. Available subjects include math and German, science, biology, and music.

But the interesting thing about this app is that teachers can also use it. These can then easily create school classes and add their students there. Teachers can assign specific tasks to their students in the Anton app and monitor their learning progress.

To motivate students, after successful lessons, students can collect coins and stars to redeem in the various games in the app. Learning is never boring and younger children in particular find this reward system great.

Scoyo (1st to 7th grade)

The Scoyo website is not available as a smartphone app, but can also be conveniently accessed on mobile devices via the browser. Scoyo is based on the school curricula and staggered the teaching content according to grades 1-4 and 5-7. You can choose from the core subjects German, Mathematics and English for pupils up to 4th grade, followed by chemistry, physics, biology and art later.

Scoyo wants to arouse the children's curiosity about learning in a playful way and binds the material of around 4,000 teaching units in age-appropriate, animated stories. In order to advance in the story and solve any problems that arise in it, students must work through the lessons.

Parents receive weekly emails from Scoyo summarizing the child's progress. For more information, parents can also log into the separate parents' area of ​​Scoyo in order to follow the exact learning progress there and to find out where the child's weaknesses and strengths lie.

In order to be able to use the Scoyo offer, a subscription must be taken out. The prices are 14.99 euros per month for 12 months. However, all Scoyo functions can be tested for 24 hours in advance.

SimpleClub (1st grade to university)


Many students use YouTube to study for school. The founders of SimpleClub took advantage of this and founded their business. In clear videos, they explain topics that are dealt with in school and at university. In the meantime, SimpleClub has long been only represented on YouTube but is also available with an app in the Play Store and App Store.

The app contains a variety of content ranging from first-class school material to special courses such as mechanical engineering or computer science. The range of subjects is continuously being expanded so that new content on interesting topics is constantly being added. In addition to the learning videos, practical exercises are also offered with which the knowledge acquired can be deepened.

The user can create his own curriculum in the app - with all the important lessons that are needed. With an upgrade to the Unlimited Version for 89.99 euros for 12 months, a suitable curriculum is automatically created. The pro version can be tested free of charge for up to 48 hours.

StudySmarter (pupils and students)

The StudySmarter platform helps both school and university students to optimize their learning process. Around 700,000 students use the digital tool to improve their effectiveness, structure and motivation. The playfully designed app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store, is completely independent of content.

The StudySmarter learning app offers a learning plan that is fully tailored to the needs of the learner. Weekly goals help to prepare for important exams in a timely and structured manner. StudySmarter mainly works with index cards that are created by the users. These can be shared publicly with others so that others can also learn with their own flashcards. The more users, the more content there is.

StudySmarter integrates innovative technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning into the learning process. The intelligent StudySmarter algorithm automatically generates learning content such as mind maps, summaries and quizzes. In addition, the motivation to learn and the fun of learning are increased through extensive gamification and statistics functions.


charly.education (pupils and students)

The free learning platform charly.education helps school and university students to learn more efficiently and better. Scripts and learning materials can be uploaded in the browser version of the platform. Then important passages can be marked or commented on in the margin. The integration of YouTube, Wikipedia and Google Scholar makes it easy to look up unfamiliar expressions or difficult topics and delve deeper outside of the study materials.

However, the main task in charly.education is to create index cards with learning content from the uploaded materials while you are learning. With these index cards you can test yourself and thus expand your own knowledge.

To learn from anywhere, charly.education is also available as an app for Android and iOS. So you can carry your digital index cards with you at all times and study anywhere. The learning progress is clearly shown with the help of statistics. There is also the option of arranging a free trial lesson with a tutor if help is needed.

Khan Academy (students)


Mathematics, natural sciences, economics and finance, art and humanities, computer science - and that's not all. This is the Khan Academy, the completely free mobile learning application that is particularly suitable as a learning tool for students.

The Khan Academy's iOS and Android app is both free and ad-free and offers lessons in the form of video tutorials. In these videos a teacher explains the contents of the lessons with the help of a virtual board. There are also suitable exercises that the user can work on in order to apply and deepen the knowledge they have learned.