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Mathematics 10th grade

Here you will find an overview of the mathematics content of the 10th grade. An important note: Depending on the country / federal state, there are some differences in the curricula.

A list of links to the respective areas now follows. Below the links you will find a more detailed description of the content.

Math grade 10 content:


Math grade 10

Polynomial division: We deal with the polynomial division in our article Polynomial Division of 10th Grade Mathematics.

Root account: In our article root calculation we look at the (mathematical) extraction of roots. Follow the link to the article Root calculation.

Potencies: How does it work with potencies? What do we understand by base and exponent? You will learn this in our article potencies.

Systems of linear equations: In addition to simple equations, there are whole systems of equations. You will learn how to solve these in our area of ‚Äč‚Äčlinear systems of equations.

Fractional equations / fraction inequalities: The fractional equation or fractional inequality already occurs in class 10 mathematics.

trigonometry: Trigonometry deals with sine, cosine and tangent. You can find details on this in the overview of trigonometry.

logarithm: In order to solve an equation for an unknown one needs the logarithm in some cases. You can learn more about this in our article Logarithm.

geometry: Geometric shapes, volumes and surfaces of bodies, pyramids, cones, spheres, etc. This is what geometry is concerned with. Some of the content is already available with us and is also dealt with in the tenth grade of the school. Details on this in the Geometry chapter.

Ray theorems: The two sets of rays as well as their application will be explained in our article. Go on to the theorems of rays.

Pythagorean theorem: Even people who have nothing to do with mathematics know the Pythagorean theorem. You can find more information on this in the article Theorem of Pythagoras.

Stochastics: Pupils mostly deal with the calculation of probability in the 10th grade as well. You can see our available articles for this area in our Stochastics section.

Functions: We deal with different types of functions and what they look like in the section Functions. Go to the functions area.

Monotony: You will learn what is meant by monotonously falling or monotonously rising in the article monotony.

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