Is Cambridge better than Harvard

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Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask you something, hope you can help me a bit.

Originally from Berlin. My parents sent me to Wellington College in England (near London) a good two years ago. I did my A-Level there and my father really wanted me to go to a "good" university. Thanks to some fortunate circumstance, I now actually have a choice between Harvard and Cambridge. I know the way from the usa back to Germany would be a lot more problematic. Have any of you ever spent a semester or similar at these universities or heard or seen something reliable and can you give tips? I don't know exactly how to make up my mind. I think Harvard would definitely be more modern and not so dusty ...

Thank you and good luck

Cambridge is by no means outdated and is now generally considered the better university by the two of them. Within the UK, even the more renowned universities (Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial etc.) in medicine have no real advantage over less well-known universities; the medical degree in Cambridge is no better than that in Dundee.

Unfortunately, I can't say whether studying at Harvard is much better;) In terms of reputation, they are equivalent, but studying in the UK will be significantly cheaper.

At the same time the question arises - are you already accepted at Harvard? As a rule, the chances of foreigners studying medicine at an American university tend to be close to zero, especially if you don't already have a natural science bachelor's degree from the USA.

Yes, that was more luck than reason, had participated in various youth competitions in the past, including youth research, and the international biology and chemistry Olympics. I got good grades in college and my father is also an employee of the Charite. I already had an application marathon after graduating from college

n / a which university is better, but congratulations on this great achievement

Do you want to study medicine there? Then I would take Cambridge, because even with a top bachelor's degree from Harvard you have little chance as a foreigner at medical schools, and it takes longer in the USA than in Germany or the UK. If you don't care about time and money, I'd take my bachelor's degree from Harvard with me, it's definitely a great experience.

Yes, wanted to write the same thing as EVT. In Cambridge (or in England at large), medical school is still undergraduate and you can be a doctor in 5 years. At Harvard that means 4 years bachelor's degree and then an application for a medical school, which is extremely difficult for a foreigner.

first of all, congratulations !!
I assume that you want to study medicine, and this is very important in the choice and also crucial.
Personally, I have already done some research in American universities to find out how the medical degree is going. As you may know, it is divided into two parts:
- 4 years pre-med (in college)
- 4 years Med-School (in Med-School)
So you have to apply twice and a place in the med school is not guaranteed by a place in college. This is VERY important to know when you are a foreigner. Foreigners (unless you have a "Green Card") have a very low chance of being accepted into the US Med School. Yale Med School even warns of this (unfortunately couldn't find the link).

This is crucial for me why you should choose Cambridge better. You have guaranteed a Meical School place there and Cambridge is Cambridge. It is one of the best universities around (although if I was accepted at Harvard Medical School in the hypothetical case, I would go to Boston).
Hope it helps.

Also: where would you like to work someday? If this should be in the direction of Germany / UK, a degree from a European university would probably also be easier in terms of recognition etc. than from a US university.

I would also not underestimate the advantage you would have at Cambridge that you are already familiar with the British way of life through school.

Some important considerations:

- Harvard has MUCH higher tuition fees than Cambridge
- Getting accepted as an undergraduate student at Harvard is much easier than getting good grades at Harvard
- it is extremely difficult to get into an American med school as a foreigner (many do not accept foreigners at all)
- As a doctor trained in Great Britain you have the guarantee that you will be able to work in Germany afterwards; As a doctor trained in the USA, it is a bit more difficult (but usually not a problem)
- Doctors earn much, much more in the US than in the UK
- Personally, I actually think that Harvard is more modern (and also more meritocratic) than Cambridge; The students are of course also very good in Cambridge, but in Great Britain there is a greater degree of status dependence and a lower degree of performance dependency on the choice of university than in the USA, especially with regard to Cambridge and Oxford
- Life is quite different in the two countries; the USA is pretty sick in some ways, but also a very pleasant country in many ways, especially in an educational center like Cambridge, Massachusetts (or Boston)
- In my experience, it is easier to study fully integrated in the US as a foreigner (while many foreigners studying in the UK have mostly contact with other foreign students)

Difficult decision IMHO. Even if it is a very happy situation that you find yourself in ;-)

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