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Healing through finding meaning

06/24/2014 by Dr. phil. E. Lukas on the pages of the South German. Institute for Logotherapy

Logotherapy is a meaning-centered psychotherapy that was founded by the Viennese psychiatrist and neurologist Viktor E. Frankl. Her healing concept is based on the assumption that man is also a spiritual being and as such deeply strives to understand his life in a context of meaning. If he does not succeed in doing this, he easily falls prey to 'existential frustration', which becomes a dangerous breeding ground for mental disorders of all kinds, such as neuroses, depression, criminality or addictions.

However, the reverse also applies: through the regaining of inner meaningfulness, mental recovery on a broad basis is possible. And that is exactly the healing goal to which logotherapy aims to lead.

In the context of logotherapy, "logos" simply means meaning. The theory of motivation on which logotherapy is based is based on the hypothesis that man is basically a being in search of meaning. This "will to make sense" of his is frustrated under the current social conditions, and the resulting "feeling of meaninglessness" then manifests itself in mass phenomena such as depression, aggression or drug addiction.

It goes without saying that logotherapy is not concerned with prescribing meaning, so to speak, but rather examines the question of how a person actually manages to find meaning; and based on empirical research by logotherapists all over the world, it turns out that - contrary to the feeling of meaninglessness - there is actually no situation that does not ultimately offer a possibility of meaning.