Why do you need to advertise?

Instagram for Business - Part 4: Instagram Ads

One of the first and most important questions to ask yourself at the beginning is: What should my campaign achieve? If you want to start successfully in Instgram ad management, you have to define its specific goals. After all, the selection of the ad formats should also be goal-oriented or earmarked.

Anyone who has already had experience with Facebook ads can benefit from them on Instagram. Because conceptually, Instagram ads are heavily based on Facebook - especially when it comes to goal setting. If you want to create a new campaign, you have to select a specific goal right from the start. For Instagram Ads, the ad manager offers the following goals to choose from:

  • Post interactions: On Instagram, this includes likes ("heart") and comments. User engagement on Instagram is very high compared to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Brand awareness: Brand awareness is difficult to measure concretely - but the reach of the account and the posts can. If you want to increase your brand awareness, you also have to expand your reach.
  • Website clicks: The great peculiarity of Instagram compared to other networks: You won't find backlinks in the organic posts, only in the short biography there is a link to the website. It's quite different with advertising on Instagram: Links can be placed and followed there.
  • App installations and interaction: Instead of a link to the website, you can also link the app store in the CTA and push the app installations through advertisements. As a further objective, there is the possibility of promoting more activity in the app.
  • Video views: If you want to increase the reach of posted videos, you set yourself more video views as a campaign goal.
  • Website conversions: With the help of a conversion pixel you can monitor purchases, downloads or newsletter registrations on the website. You can use the ad manager to select the increase in conversion as a goal.

Some goal definitions known from Facebook are not available for the Instagram ads, e.g. B. to specifically build up more followers for your own account. On Facebook, there is also the option of highlighting not just individual posts, but the entire fan page - this option is missing on Instagram. That is one for many important differentiator, for which the makers of the social networks consciously decided. The fact that you cannot push a page indefinitely by investing more and more marketing budget in your ads corresponds to the dynamic with which successful Instagram is Channels grow and fan bases emerge. That is part of the other Community understandingthat prevails on Instagram. Users should find new accounts by rummaging around - that's exactly why they are Search function and Explore tab and that's why hashtags play a central role. You can only build a large following if you post with the right strategy, use the right filters and hashtags and are found that way. Of course, the positive side effect of any type of ad on Instagram is new followers.