Are you interested in your brother

Translation of "what interests" in Hebrew

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מה אכפת


You know... what interests me Naomi Preston?
אתה יודע, מה אכפת לי מנעמי פרסטון נכון?
What interestsYou know if your brother is skipping school?
What interests it you where the reference came from.
What interests his wife's opinion about your hair?
למה אכפת לך איך אשתו חושבת על השיער שלך?
What interests Do you do that when Wade is not here?
What interests it you what happens to them?
What interests is it you what I want from him?
What interests you this girl at all?
What interests do you know if she knows?
What interests it me where she put it?
What interests it me if some cop is dead?
What interests you guys what David Nolan is doing?
What interests it me if any of them said something bad?
מה אכפת לי אם אחת מהן תגיד משהו רע?
What interests it you whether Smith is dead?
What interests you what he thinks?
What interests you, what do they think?
No, what interests You that?
But what interests's me?
Peter, what interests you that ...?
What interests you that
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