Do you believe in love or sex

Therefore, believing in the ONE can destroy the chance of love

Sooner or later, every lady really wants the perfect man by his side. Of course, it shouldn't be just any guy who ran along, but - exactly - the right one. Sappy Hollywood blockbusters and especially the classics from Walt Disney ensure, last but not least, that you believe that a certain person is only meant for you. And hey, with Kate Middleton and Prince William, happiness in love was ultimately predetermined. But now we will explain to you why this belief in Mr. Right can ruin your love life and your relationships:

1. You believe a good relationship should go by itself

No arguments, no jealousy, just pure harmony: With the right person, a relationship has to be totally easy - at least that's what you assume and believe that you don't have to work on your current romance at all. At the latest when your guy is looking for the distance, you will notice: You are damn wrong! 😐

2. You are always looking for something better

Your boyfriend makes you (actually) totally happy - he's sweet, charming and looks incredibly good. But is he really the one ...? You can't get this question out of your head and that's why you can't really let go and enjoy the "quality time" with the beau without hesitation. 😞

3. You have unrealistic ideas

And that brings us to the next point: You have expectations of your dream man that hardly anyone can meet! The look of Ryan Gosling, the humor of George Clooney and the account of Bill Gates - that should be your McDreamy, right? Everything else is just a waste of time for you! But that's not how it works with great love ... 💔

4. You give up faster

If you're being honest, there are some things about your boyfriend that don't suit you at all. Asking him to become a little more relaxed himself or simply to ignore these things is out of the question. Then it's better to end the relationship straight away - the right person is still waiting out there anyway! You will probably never have an adult relationship with this attitude, because you have to compromise on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

5. You panic

While your BFFs are happily assigned to guys who wouldn't even have a chance on a second date with you, you believe that the one in the big, wide world of dating is still waiting for you. Of course, sooner or later this will lead you to panic that you will never be able to celebrate your dream wedding with Mr. Perfect. Try to take it easy and don't put too much pressure on yourself. ✌🏼

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