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How EDF Energy gains valuable insights from big data


This categorization allows immediacy thanks to automation.

By setting categories and tags in Brandwatch and using alerts and signals, this segmented data is instantly available. Whether this is someone from the social media team or in a management position, you can use it to quickly pull up a dashboard that provides you with information in real time.

"It is very important for companies to make the right decisions at the right time, as many problems can arise when the employees lack the context."

Important decisions can be made at the optimal time with real-time information placed in context. John ensures that most of the work should be done as early as possible so that everyone can quickly access the information when needed.

For example, a senior executive might see something troubling on Facebook or Twitter. With the help of the social data, the bigger picture can be seen. Without this information, there is a risk of overreaction.

However, without a categorization of the mentions, the data can be overwhelming.

John says, "Everyone's talking about big data, but it's not really about big data, it's about finding the valuable, useful data."

Categorized data

Mentions can be broken down into broad main categories such as media mentions, mentions about power plants, mentions about environmental issues, and so on.

Within these main topics can be further segmented and these hits can be divided into subcategories. In this way, the consumer mentions can be further broken down into different types of complaints and different search queries.

These smaller amounts of data can be analyzed in real time as the data arrives in manageable, associated chunks.

The team was able to pass this specific knowledge on to the relevant business areas and thus improve the customer experience, for example.

Even minor issues, such as the number of people complaining about the music on hold on social media when they call the customer service team - you wouldn't get that kind of insight without social data. This can be found out by segmenting from customer-related hits to environmental and campaign mentions.

Social media customer service

The splitting of the data also illustrates the growing need for social media customer service. This development in customer service was noticed by many brands and promoted by customers.

John's work underscores that social media customer service is becoming more and more important and is moving away from consumers asking questions directly to brands.

Some forms of conversation, such as @mentions or questions that are addressed directly to the brand channels, are easy to identify and quick to respond.

However, there are a lot of conversations about brands that don't target their social channels directly, but good customer service should pick up on these mentions and respond to them.

By listening to these mentions, EDF Energie realized the need for a full-time social media customer service team that cut response time in half and increased response rate by almost 100 percent.

Reputation management

As part of the digital communication plan, EDF Energy designed a reputation communication plan.

By considering each potential event or crisis and its solutions in advance, the EDF Energy team were able to develop a well-developed matrix for a large number of scenarios that indicates appropriate solutions should such an event arise.

When an incident occurs, the numbers from Brandwatch are entered into the matrix and the matrix ranks the incident on a scale from A to D. The matrix has many scenarios and suggested reactions to specific situations.

“With this process and the data we get from Brandwatch, eight out of ten online situations that would previously have been identified as crises are no longer. We owe that to Brandwatch and the Matrix. "

This change came about thanks to the ability to measure and categorize.

Sometimes an event is highlighted by a stakeholder. Although the post or topic is quite sensitive or has the potential to turn into a hardship case, the team can use the matrix to put it in context. A look at the average hit numbers and so on can show that this post isn't going viral and won't damage the brand's reputation.

Dividing the data into smaller packages, which can be measured with the system or inserted into the matrix, helps to convert big data into useful data that provides valuable insights.

If the necessary work steps are carried out at an early stage and, if possible, automation processes are activated, these insights are available in real time. This agile approach can be very helpful for a successful digital strategy.

John is very positive about the future of social media and he can't wait to see what new developments will emerge this year and how the new activities can be analyzed and insights from them.

“It is great for me to work in a world that is constantly changing, because I am constantly developing myself and no two days are the same. There is definitely no moment of boredom! "

We thank John for the interview. This interview is part of a series with industry experts.