Does Keflex affect contraception?

Antibiotics and Implanon®

Question: Will the use of antibiotics affect the Implanon®'s protection against conception?

Answer: Here is an excerpt from Implanon®'s pharmaceutical information: "Interactions with oxcarbazepine, rifabutin, troglitazone and griseofulvin are suspected. The maximum enzyme induction is generally observed after two to three weeks and can last for at least four weeks after discontinuation of the drug. Women, who are treated with one of the named drugs or another drug that induces liver enzymes should be instructed to use a barrier-forming contraceptive in addition to Implanon® temporarily, i.e. while using the concomitant medication and for the first seven days after stopping it. who use rifampicin should use a barrier-forming contraceptive for the duration of this medicine and for 28 days after it has been discontinued. "

Now it depends on which antibiotic or which drug is taken. There are drugs that promote the breakdown of hormones in the liver and thus influence the hormone effect, i.e. the safety of contraception. However, this must be stated in the instruction leaflet for the medication you are taking.

If a slight influence is to be expected, then you only need additional contraception while taking it and seven days afterwards. With the antibiotic rifampicin, it takes longer for the liver to work "normally" again. That is why you have to use additional contraception for so long.

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