What is kinesthetic communication

Kinaesthetics and Communication
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Tobias Robert Klein, Erik Porath (eds.)
Literature Research Vol. 17
Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin 2013, 364 pages

Expression phenomena fluctuate between the spheres of physicality and movement as well as language and communication. In order to capture expression in its peculiar mobility and versatility, the articles in this volume explore its aesthetic, social and (inter) subjective dimensions and their overlaps, both in the context of historical developments and against the background of current findings and debates in psychology, philosophy, Brain research and linguistics. From the subject areas of body, language and the arts, but also from overarching issues of anthropology, communicative and physical forms of expression, also in their interplay, are systematically analyzed and examined for their situational and historical specifics. Not only linguistic utterances, but also gestures and gestures, dance, music, facial expressions and painting come up against the limits of comprehensibility and refer to expressive qualities beyond verbality and corporeality.