How do programming languages ​​become popular?

Programming language trends 2021 - the top 15

How do they see Programming languages ​​trends in 2021? Which technologies should you have on your radar this year? Which programming language has a future and is it worth learning? We offer you an overview of current trends in the choice of programming language and take a closer look at the languages ​​that are currently in demand around the world.



April 16, 2021 Google releases new programming language Logica for database applications

With Logica, Google is introducing a new free programming language that is particularly related to big data and database applications. The declarative, logical language is primarily aimed at data scientists, engineers, and other data specialists who want to use logical programming syntax when writing queries and pipelines for Google's Cloud Data Warehouse BigQuery. The name Logica is made up of logic and aggregation. Logica is the successor to Google Yedalog and can be compiled in SQL and is compatible with Google BigQuery.

Here you can find more information and a Logica tutorial

Python is the most popular programming language in 2021

Worldwide is python the most popular programming language according to the PYPL Index and has grown the most in the last 5 years (16.7%). Java on the other hand, has lost the most users (-7.0%), but is still by far the second most popular language after Python.C / C ++ recorded the greatest trend growth in April 2021.

Programming languages ​​trends 2021

List as of: April 2021 in comparison to the previous year

About the PYPL leading index

The PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language Index) is created by analyzing how often a programming tutorial is searched for on Google. The more often a language course is searched for, the higher the popularity of a language is rated. Trends can then be derived from this. The raw data comes from Google Trends. The programming languages ​​most in demand worldwide, however, differ from the languages ​​actually used. Python is one of the most popular languages, but at the same time it is used comparatively less often in practice.

What makes Python so attractive right now?

Python is an open source language that is particularly characterized by its simplicity and its wide range of applications. It is relatively easy to learn because there are only a small number of keywords and the code reads in a particularly structured manner thanks to the given programming style. This usually makes Python programs a lot shorter than in traditional languages ​​such as Java.

In the USA, Python is therefore already one of the standard programming languages ​​offered to college and school students. In Germany, on the other hand, universities are still a bit hesitant when it comes to Python. But why actually? Python offers numerous advantages, especially for scientific applications such as big data and data science. The increasing use in the embedded area is also driving the language forward. Python is constantly evolving and will probably remain one of the most popular programming languages ​​for the next few years.

Learn to program in Python with the YouTube channel:

Typcript and Go

The standard programming language in the web frontend Typescript can also place in the top 10 in 2021. For many, Google Go has somehow become part of the standard repertoire when it comes to the “choice of weapons” and is now represented in the top 15. Go is still growing, but not as rapidly as in recent years.

Go is relatively easy to learn - here is a tutorial from Pilzschaf

Rust - also currently very popular in Germany

Rust, developed by Mozilla, is somewhere between low-level languages ​​such as C and higher-level languages ​​such as Java. It is generally considered to be particularly secure and is therefore particularly suitable for system programming and performance-critical applications. In addition, many are of the opinion that Rust is predestined for the further development of the Internet of Things.

Rust Programming Tutorial for Beginners # 1 from The Morpheus Tutorials:

Kotlin - better than Java?

Kotlin is an object-oriented language that was mainly developed by the software company JetBrains from Saint Petersburg and introduced in 2011. The language is named after a small island off Saint Petersburg. Kotlin serves both web and Android applications and is considered by some to be the better Java. The advantages of the language include, above all, the high compilation speed and the reduced code. Kotlin's syntax is much leaner and more modern than that of Java. In addition, Kotlin can easily be transformed into JavaScript source code and enables the continued use of existing Java frameworks and libraries.

Java - a success story

Although Java is already a few decades under its belt, the language, which is now open-source, continues to enjoy great popularity, according to several indices. Java was used as early as the 1990s, when the mass Internet was born, and has been taught at universities for just as long. This consistently high level of user acceptance can probably be attributed primarily to their high level of versatility.

As a so-called high-level programming language, Java can be used for a variety of web applications. With Java, several and above all complex logical relationships can be precisely formulated with little code. Java is independent of the operating system or hardware and runs on smartphones, notebooks, desktop PCs or an enterprise server. Due to its high flexibility, Java is also used in cloud computing. Java is safe, reliable and platform independent.

JavaScript - this dynamic scripting language makes the Internet interactive

In the PYPL index, JavaScript made it to third place. JavaScript is an independent programming language and should not be confused with Java. Without JavaScript, the Internet would not have the shape we know today. As a dynamic scripting language, it is responsible, among other things, for interactive website elements and shows its strengths to the full in both the front and back end.

It is always used wherever data on websites has to be updated automatically on a regular basis (e.g. weather or stock exchange prices). JavaScript is also used for the placement of advertisements, pop-ups and advertising banners, for browser games or for the plausibility check of data entries. Modern web applications can be created with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and Node.js. By executing the script in common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari, JavaScript is relatively beginner-friendly.

C # - the perfect language for .NET developers

C # (pronounced C Sharp) just missed the bronze medal in the PYPL ranking and took fourth place. Along with Visual Basic, C Sharp is the most important programming language in Microsoft's .NET framework and was introduced in 2000 as a standardized language. Microsoft owns the rights to this language. It is the product of a consistent further development of C ++ by Microsoft. However, it is also possible to design applications for other platforms. C # combines many functions and was developed as a direct competitor to Java. The object-oriented high-level language is suitable for all types of applications and is often used for computer games, tools, operating systems, apps and compilers. C Sharp offers the best prerequisites to use all the services that the Microsoft universe offers.

Or would you rather learn C / C ++?

C and C ++ are still the most popular programming languages ​​in the field of system and application programming. There are many reasons for this popularity. Many operating systems and applications were written in the C language. Without these operating systems and applications, today's computers could not run. C ++ is currently one of the most popular programming languages ​​and can even secure fifth place in the ranking in 2021. As a continuation of the structured C programming, C ++ is object-oriented ISO standardized and is considered the "big brother" of C and is largely backwards compatible with it. Those who already have C knowledge have an advantage when learning C / C ++.

OrangeOnBlack's C ++ crash course

PHP - indispensable in the network

PHP is also one of the older languages ​​that will persistently remain in the top 10 in 2020. PHP will be happy for the
Uses dynamic web application development. PHP is also a free scripting language and therefore free of charge as open source. Here you save expensive license costs. Since the structure of PHP is based on
Programming languages ​​such as C and Java are based, starting with PHP is easy for many developers. PHP is highly compatible and is supported by almost all server operators, which greatly increases the selection options. Content management systems that are easy to use, such as the very widespread WordPress, are based on PHP and encourage the use of this programming language.

How do PYPL and TIOBE differ?

The TIOBE index also determines the popularity of programming languages ​​on a monthly basis. Due to a different evaluation method, however, the best list differs not insignificantly from the PYPL:

The TIOBE is a delayed indicator and its educational system is controversial, as the choice of only slightly different search terms can lead to incorrect results. Namely, it counts the number of websites with the language name. Whether these pages are actually visited and the content is read is not registered. In addition, only the first 100 hits are subjected to a plausibility check.

Which programming languages ​​are used most frequently in Germany?

It is interesting to see that in Germany the most popular program languages ​​are not used most often at the same time. According to the STACK OVERFLOW developer survey 2019, the most frequently used programming languages ​​in 2019 are JavaScipt, HTML / CSS, SQL, JAVA and Python. This is the seventh year in a row that JavaScript is at the top of the list. While JavaScript seems to be the most commonly used in Germany, Python is enjoying growing popularity. Our developers in Germany prefer Java and Rust rather than JavaScript and C #.

The programming language plays a crucial role in choosing a job

The bottom of the popularity scale in Germany are VBA and Objective-C. Most of the people who work with these languages ​​are reluctant to do so and would like more flexibility in the choice of language. In the year 2021, the way in which, and in particular, what is programmed in companies will play a decisive role in the choice of employer. Companies that are having difficulties recruiting IT professionals should therefore ensure that they give potential applicants a choice and that they are open to new languages ​​and technologies.


New programming languages ​​emerge almost every year, while many others disappear again. That doesn't exactly make choosing the right language any easier. The clear trends for 2021 include Python, Objective-C, TypeScript and C / C ++ - but this is only reflected directly on the labor market to a limited extent. Thanks to continuous further development, classics such as Java, JavaScript, PHP or C # will remain in the best lists of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2021 and are widely used due to their wide range of applications.