Where can I sell real counterfeit money

Blossoms in circulation: that's how easy it is for criminals to get counterfeit money

Bielefeld. Fake banknotes have been in circulation throughout NRW since the end of October. The notes say "Movie Money". But the perpetrators sometimes use them to pay as if they were real euro bills. The perfidious thing: These types of banknotes are easy to get over the Internet - even if it is illegal.

Buy 5,000 euros for six euros

The film money is offered, for example, in the "Wish" online shop. After an uncomplicated registration, you can easily search for the keyword "money" on the site. There is already the first offer: 5,000 euros in fake fifties for six euros. According to the photos on the side, they can only be identified as false by a small text "prop copy" on the back. So it is "play money" and not fake money in the classic sense. There is no information about the seller - just a text in broken English that the money should not be spent.

From the press office of the Bundesbank it is said that the film money is "not legal because of its likelihood of confusion". Production and distribution can therefore be punished under criminal law. It goes on to say: "It is not legal to purchase and trade in these notes - even if they are sold as play money. Because they can be mistaken for real banknotes." How is it still sold in Germany?

That's because of the site they're being sold on. Because although "Wish" sells like a cheaper Amazon, it seems to be more comparable to Ebay. Because the platform does not offer goods itself, but only offers sellers a platform. In many cases these come from China. In practice, the user is presented with a wild hodgepodge of obscure offers, cheap products and fake money.

This is how to identify the wrong money

The good news is that the money should be easy to identify as fake even without the label. "With the notes that are in circulation, the paper feels very different than with real notes," explains Andre Faßbender, press spokesman for the Criminal Police Office in North Rhine-Westphalia. He therefore advises consumers to be careful. "It is best to check the bills you receive for paper quality, watermarks and security thread. If you get false money, you should report this immediately."

So far, the wrong film money is known from the districts of Höxter and Recklinghausen, the Ennepe-Ruhr district, Wuppertal, Essen and Mülheim.