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December 09, 2014 13305 views
We don't want to develop the latest and greatest financial accounting in the world, but rather software that can do the accounting largely autonomously“, Says Scopevisio founder Jörg Haas. Nobody has ever said (seriously and without ulterior motives) that bookkeeping is fun. In spite of all the technological advances, this is unlikely to change. If you see promotional and article images of people miming the act of bookkeeping, it's probably because they are well-paid performers. The joie de vivre and joy in the accounting department of a company will continue to have to rely on the appropriate character of the accountant - and not on the enriching feeling and the potential for exhilaration of bookkeeping. Nevertheless, technological change promises a remedy - modern software products bring us at least one step closer to the ideal of Scopevisio founder Jörg Haas. Today's market for Accounting software is big, many providers have developed special solutions with adapted functions for the different company forms and sectors. Many of them offer the opportunity to test it free of charge. Scopevisio provides an overview and a comparison of ten well-known and well-known companies.


The German software manufacturer SAP from Walldorf (BaWü) is the largest of its kind in Europe and outside America. Its flagship is its own enterprise resource planning (ERP). This company information system is used to link various information from various areas of a company with one another. It is particularly suitable for corporations and large companies that want to standardize extensive processes - also in their entirety - and integrate the information from their financial accounting into internal processes. In addition to finance, it is also used in human resources, in various corporate services and in sales and logistical categories of company administration.

Microsoft - Dynamics NAV

Mainly caters for small and medium-sized businesses Microsoft the ERP called Dynamics NAV. This was originally made by the Danish company Navision Software A / S developed. With the takeover of the company by Microsoft at the beginning of the millennium, it was integrated into the business software system of MS. Since it has been merged with various other ERP solutions from Microsoft over the years, the software no longer runs under the original name Navision, but under (Microsoft) Dynamics NAV. Customers are supplied by various Microsoft partners, which means that the product can cover several industries. The Dynamics NAV accounting software can be found in the area of ​​finance, for example, but also in the processing industry, in a company's CRM or in e-commerce.


The DATEV from Nuremberg is one of the largest German providers of accounting solutions and is mainly aimed at tax consultants or lawyers, but increasingly also medium-sized companies. In the area of ​​financial accounting in particular, DATEV's software now offers frequently used functions that are known for their complexity and topicality. Due to the quantitative use of their software in this area and the role model function for other software manufacturers, DATEV's company name has already become synonymous with the German standard of electronic bookkeeping.

Pro balance - MonKey Office

Pro balance offers with MonKey Office commercial software aimed primarily at freelancers, the self-employed and small companies. The orientation of MonKey Office is based on the main customers, in the sense of an uncomplicated creation of invoices and offers as well as accounting statements or tax reports.


A similar clientele (in addition to medium-sized companies) is supplied Lexware from Freiburg. The company from Breisgau has a range of complementary software modules in its repertoire, the functions of which specialize in various areas of accounting (finance, invoices, wages, systems) and merchandise management. The company offers solutions with and without knowledge of bookkeeping - just as it tries to cover the most varied of customer needs with a variety of offerings.

Buhl Data Service - WISO

Buhl Data Service from Neuenkirchen (Siegerland) has been developing software for tax returns, financial management and the control of business processes in smaller companies for over 30 years. In the past, however, the cooperation with ZDF contributed to the company's success: Many programs have already been created for the WISO format. The company's best-known software products therefore also bear the name of the ZDF magazine. These WISO-Range of BDS offers a rich collection of different products that are tailored for specific areas - including several in the broad framework of accounting.

Data Becker

Data Becker from Düsseldorf is one of the oldest specialist IT publishers in Germany. In software development, the company actually had a different focus than accounting before it ceased operations in 2014. Their products from this sector, which have since been supported by other companies, are still very popular with some freelancers.

Sage Group - PC merchant / GS order

The Sage Group from Newcastle (UK) is one of the largest providers of business software for small and medium-sized companies worldwide. Smaller companies such as handicraft businesses in particular have long and happy to have access to the connection between their order processing and the information from their financial accounting PC merchant trusted as ERP software. The German name suggests it - this software was originally developed by CHD Developed in Frankfurt and integrated into the local range after the takeover by the Sage Group. PC Kaufmann was available as a program in versions of different sizes, which were aimed at the respective needs of different sized companies. In 2014 the PC Kaufmann was discontinued, but the successor product soon became GS order presented.

Addison - tse: nit

The enterprise Addison from Ludwigsburg wants to come along tse: nit offer the right solution for law firms, companies and, above all, tax departments, to facilitate the job in the law firm with the help of advisory systems. The offer essentially spans software for tax advice, accounting and payroll accounting.


Last but not least, the company is allowed to Scopevisio come to their rights here from Bonn. She has long since recognized the possibilities of combining cloud solutions with a modern accounting program: The software is no longer installed on the customer's computer, but is - quite simply - available online after a license has been granted. Scopevisio quickly became one of the leading software publishers providing this innovation has discovered for himself. What sets Scopevisio apart from most other manufacturers is that the company has succeeded in integrating a wide variety of application possibilities and areas in one software (including accounting, of course). Scopevisio's software is multi-layered and versatile, but at the same time it is intelligently cobbled and therefore easy to use. The result is that Enterprise software in the real sense, which has already been optimized in terms of its concept for customers in various sectors and is more than equal to the requirements of every medium-sized company (and increasingly large companies too).


Choosing the right program for electronic bookkeeping is so varied that every user can, at least in theory, find the right bookkeeping software for him. On the other hand, it also shows that the longevity of companies does not necessarily mean the immortality of products. Depending on how big or what type your own company is and what requirements are placed on the accounting program, in-depth research is essential. Comprehensive information and extensive testing of the most varied of products cannot be avoided (despite the possible length of the process) if you want to be safe from nasty surprises and avoidable damage to your own company. For all those who have already been disappointed, who are still looking, who need an optimal and optimized offer or despair of the difficult and lengthy selection - for whom there is of course still Scopevisio.

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