Are you so important to live

About happiness in living your life - YOU are important!

. We should recommend this to ourselves as well as to our children. For our own happiness and for theirs! YOU ARE IMPORTANT!


Who is the most important person in your life? It may sound a little selfish to you now. I got it also written here before:YOU YOURSELF are the most important person in your life. You may now say that your husband, your children, your grandparents or parents are more important to you. You would give anything to make them feel good. This may be. That is totally okay too. But there you can already see it: YOUwould give anything to make sure they are fine. YOU YOU YOU!

So are YOU important. For yourself and of course for others too. That is why you should make sure that you are fine and that it stays that way ;-).

Of course also in the sense that you have to get along with yourself for your entire life. That means: You should like yourself, love yourself, admire yourself, appreciate your presence, do yourself good .... even when you are alone with yourself and have no other person around you. Because that too can happen to you at some point: That you have to spend most of your time all alone with yourself. Maybe you already are. Maybe you love that too. Or maybe you can't even imagine being alone. But what if your husband leaves you (hopefully he doesn't, but you never know) and the kids are big and they're moving away. You will inevitably have to spend a lot of time with yourself. At least for a certain period. Can happen!

Whatever your life is, you are important and you will always be important!

And there are a few things that, in my opinion, are essential so that you can give yourself a fantastic life and love and appreciate yourself:



Do you know the saying: be the person you want to fall in love with?

Sorry, I don't know who it's from, but I've read it so many times…. and he already has a lot that is true and significant, right ?!

Do you have any idea what the person who you want to be with all your life should be like? I don't mean your partner now. He is his own, unique person and for God's sake you shouldn't exchange him while you are still in love!

But close your eyes for a moment.

And think about it: what should the person be able to do? How should this person be on an emotional level? What hobbies would you like about her? How should the person behave, what does he like? For what did she deserve your full admiration and respect? What is your life like, your daily routine?


Just write everything down:

Does she get up half an hour earlier in the morning so she can run another lap before going to work to keep fit? Then she goes out of the house in a good mood because she has a job that she loves ... and then of course comes back home in the same good mood in the evening? She is warm, nice and accommodating…. you have a lot of fun together. Your dream person can cook well. That means, you cook something delicious together every evening…. then she sits down with the guitar and plays your favorite songs for you. At the weekend you always go somewhere else together. You travel a lot and experience a lot of exciting things. She speaks fluent English and one other foreign language, so that she can communicate well wherever you go. She has good taste and is always well-groomed and smartly dressed.

Do you have your dream person? It is estimated that you are a woman and your dream person is a man. If it isn't, it doesn't matter. The important thing is: You should actually be this person yourself. You should be exactly the person you always want to be around, because you are important.



Learn and grow - for your happiness!

Logical, right? Be your best I, become the person you love ... learn to cook, learn Spanish, be warm to other people, travel to the most beautiful places, buy a guitar and learn to play it, sit on your terrace in the evening and play your favorite songs on it .... be happy with yourself!

For example, I'm a rather introverted person myself. Unfortunately, I often get in my own way. I also don't like to socialize with many people, especially when I don't know them because then I feel out of place - I work on that because I want it to be easier here.

I often don't know what to talk to other people for fear of boring them. I don't have a say in most topics if I don't have anything useful to say. If I write here, it will be easier for me. Because if you are not interested in my text, you will not read it :-) - I also work on it, because I don't want others to think I'm disinterested.

I started chatting to strangers whenever I saw something I had something to say about. I noticed: They like that and I meanwhile too :-). So far there has only been a rather embarrassing conversation so far…. is even funny in retrospect !!

In addition, I am now also trying to move into larger groups of people without being accompanied (with whom I can talk).

I don't know much about SEO. That's where I'm also learning at the moment. It's not unimportant to me.

Or I always try to learn new things when it comes to photography. For example, the book by Scott Kelby (picture) brought me a lot here.

Yes, this is how I have my construction sites where I want to develop myself further. And it's fun and every little step makes me proud and takes me further me, how I would like myself and how I imagine my life.



You are important - so don't just get excited about the life and experiences of others, live yourself and make your own.

Your life is not just about the experiences of your series and film heroes. Or the characters in the books that you like to read.

You should be yours on purpose OWNMaking experiences. Get out of your snail shell and do the things that have interested you for a long time. Visit places you've always wanted to go. Make your own film, your own novel out of your life ;-). You are sure to be a great leading actor.



Learn to say no

I know you are important to many people around you. But you don't have to please everyone around you. If you're supposed to answer the phone and take a survey, don't be talked into it if you don't feel like doing something like this. When the ice cream man rings, don't frantically order something that you don't need. If you're supposed to take on a coworker's shift, don't do it if you have something else to do. Basta :-).


And very important: take your time off…. give yourself breaks.

And if you are the greatest and most important person in your life: Great! Then you can take care of your loved ones much better ...

Do you see it that way, or do you feel bad when you think about yourself - about your life and your happiness?


best regards



We believe we have experiences, but experiences make us.

Eugène Ionesco