Which artist sang the song Time?

Nine famous funeral songs and their story

Only time

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, a song went around the world: "Only Time" by Enya. The text says, among other things: "Time is the only thing that allows wounds to heal. You can never get rid of wounds completely, but time helps to cope with them". Was it these words that prompted a New Yorker after the attacks to add this song to a video collage of photos of the events and the victims? The video spread instantly, on the web and on television. Enya's song became a sad hit - even though it had been on the market for a year. Now it is inextricably linked to 9/11.

Tears in Heaven

Eric Clapton was never a good father - he said of himself. But then his son died and it shocked him deeply. Four-year-old Connor fell out of the window on the 53rd floor of a New York apartment building. The cleaning lady accidentally left the window open. A tragic and avoidable accident. The death of one's own child is the worst that can happen to a parent. Eric Clapton wrote the song "Tears In Heaven" a year after the accident, in which he asks his son if he will recognize him when they both meet in heaven.

Herbert Grönemeyer processed his grief in several songs

The way

Herbert Grönemeyer lost his brother and his wife at short intervals. At first he withdrew completely. He wrote on his album "Mensch". There he dealt with his grief in several moving songs: "Mensch", "Unwohnwohn" and "Der Weg" - the latter song gets under your skin especially when the chorus says: "You flooded every room with sun, you have every annoyance On the contrary, wrong (...) life is not fair. " Grönemeyer said about the album that death is a color that belongs to him and that you will also find on his next albums.

Candle In The Wind

Elton John dedicated the song "Candle in the Wind" in 1973 to Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe. 24 years later there was an occasion for him to recast this song: Princess Diana's fatal accident in September 1997. The two were close friends. Elton John played the song live at the memorial service for Diana, and it began with the words, "Goodbye, Rose of England, you will continue to grow in our hearts." A week later, John released the single, subtitled "In loving memory of Diana, Princess of Wales". It became the most successful single of all time. Elton John never sang this version of the song live again.

Strong as two

Udo Lindenberg lost his brother in 2006. At a time when he had almost lost himself; his career was at a low point. And then the song "Strong like two" and the album of the same name were created. Udo was through with his low and with his new songs came out of the crisis stronger than ever before. He dedicated these lines to his brother: "Strong as two, I'm going down the street, strong as two, no matter where I go, you are with me, I am now strong as two."

Udo Lindenberg lost his brother


This song was written by Nine Inch Nails head Trent Reznor. He called it his most personal song, in which he deals with his previous drug experiences and depression. In it he decides for life and overcomes the low. The cover version by Johnny Cash is a completely different interpretation: Here an old, dying man sings who has finished his life. The message: "Death is inevitable and will definitely come, no matter what you've done in your life."

Amazing grace

In the 18th century, former slave shipper John Newton wrote a song about his conversion. During one of his travels, he survived a severe storm and then questioned his previous life. He became a clergyman. "I was once lost, but now I am found, I was blind, but now I see." US President Barack Obama sang this song at a funeral service in Charleston where nine African Americans had been shot dead in a church the week before.


Leonard Cohen wrote this song in 1984. It's actually not a mourning song. But it's such a powerful hymn that it should be part of almost every solemn occasion. This song has been covered countless times. The text, which is difficult to interpret, is about biblical metaphors. Celebrity reinterpretations come from Jeff Buckley, John Cale, Damien Rice and Popa Chubby.

Sting's song "Fragile" is an open song


This is an open song and it's good that people fill it with meaning, Sting said of his song. He wrote it in 1987 after a soldier with a US peacekeeping force in Nicaragua was murdered by Contras. Since then, the song has given a voice to many sad occasions: After 9/11, Sting sang the song at a benefit concert for the victims. He also played it at the opening of the Bataclan music club in Paris. In November 2015, assassins killed 90 people during a concert there. The message of the song: "We are fragile".