Candy Crush is evil

Candy Crush Tales

The evil Pretzella has sprinkled salt all over the kingdom of Caramel

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21 Apr 2019

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Candy Crush Tales is a new adventure in the Candy Crush saga that transforms you into Tiffi, a little girl who faces an epic adventure: to reclaim the sweetness of the Caramel Kingdom. To do this, Tiffi is confronted with the evil Pretzella who has sprinkled salt into this tasty kingdom.

The gameplay in Candy Crush Tales is the classic that everyone who played the Candy Crush saga has come to know and love. Basically, you have to combine three or more candies to make them explode into a cloud of sugar. The more sweets you can combine in one go, the better!

You have to complete each level to go through the story of Candy Crush Tales. You can also talk to a number of different legendary characters from the saga like Mr. Toffee, Yeti or Bubblegum Troll, who will give you information about the evil and salt-loving Pretzella.

Candy Crush Tales is a super fun match 3 game that gives you incredible visuals with a huge number of levels, just like all other King games. Great graphics, addicting gameplay, and hundreds of levels. What else could you ask for?

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Android 7.0 or higher is required

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