Will Jeff Sessions ruin legal marijuana

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Donald Trump causes a break in the air - strong buy signal. 833% Cannabis Hot Stock after 48,200% with Aurora Cannabis

US President Donald Trump has sparked a breakthrough in the cannabis sector. As the White House has confirmed to the Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, the US states will in future decide for themselves how to regulate the booming cannabis sector. So far, the US federal cannabis ban has been seen as a brake on the rapid growth of the cannabis sector. With his new liberal stance, the US President is bringing about a brilliant break in the cannabis sector. After the consolidation of the past few months, cannabis stocks are facing another price explosion .....

500% more sales than conventional cannabis producers

Our cannabis equity tip Nutritional High International Inc. operates one of the largest and most automated plants for the extraction of cannabis oil from the cannabis plant. Our Cannabis Hot Stock Nutritional High International is the first company to go public (IPO) in Canada, generating $ 12 million in proceeds from the issue. The proceeds from the issue are intended to further accelerate the company's rapid growth in the coming months. With cannabis oils, up to 500% more sales can be achieved than with the wholesale trade of the untreated cannabis plant. Cannabis producers earn between $ 5 and $ 7 / g in sales by wholesaling the cannabis plant. The cannabis oil obtained from the cannabis plant achieves sales prices of 20 to 30 $ / g. A range of consumer goods such as sweets, chocolate, spreads, creams, tinctures and beverages, etc., based on cannabis oil, promises additional growth potential. The production of our own cannabis chocolate FLI has already started and is already on store shelves in California. We therefore expect a massive acceleration in growth for our cannabis stock tip in the coming months .....

Vertically integrated producer of cannabis consumer goods - the most profitable cannabis producer emerges

Our cannabis stock recommendation Nut ritional High International Inc. is working flat out on its vision of a vertically integrated producer of cannabis consumer products. The production of highly concentrated cannabis products and cannabis-based consumer goods such as chocolate, candy and pralines promises high profit margins. With the engagement of the experienced consumer goods top manager Robert Keeler as Chief Operating Officer, our cannabis stock recommendation Nutritional High International Inc. comes a decisive step closer to realizing this vision. Top manager Robert Keeler looks back on 29 years of experience in the areas of production, wholesale, distribution and retail. The successful manager knows through his management functions for Dude, Sweet Chocolate and Sunrise Foods how to run a vertically integrated consumer goods company .... [/ i]
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Make American Great Again # THX2Q

Remember what I said about the opiate problem, there is only one solution!