How do I advertise a platform

How to properly promote your website relaunch

1. Social media

Almost everyone now uses social media - this is why these platforms are ideal for promoting the relaunch of your website. It is now possible to place ads on social networks. It is important not to place advertisements on random platforms: Think about who your target group is and which social networks they are primarily on. Now place your ad on the selected channels.

2. Email newsletter

Newsletters have long been a tried and tested method of reaching interested parties - after all, they have actively decided to subscribe to it. So tell your potential customers here too that you have a new website.
When wording, make sure that the recipient's interest is aroused and that they actually open the newsletter.

3. Blog posts

Use your own blog to announce the upcoming relaunch before it goes live and teaser the new page in such a way that the reader definitely wants to see it.

4. Search engine optimization

Good search engine optimization (SEO) enables your website to be found more easily and thus more potential customers to land on your site. Make sure you have good SEO when you relaunch.
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There are a few ways to promote the relaunch of your website and to increase the traffic to the new site, but not every form is suitable for every company.
You have to decide individually which platforms you should use to advertise your new site. Always ask yourself who you want to reach with your ad and where you can best reach this target group.