How are white linen trousers made

Olanio trousers with elastic waistband and tucks on the linen hem

The cutting-edge, tulip-shaped Olianio trousers made of high-quality and hard-wearing linen have a comfortable elastic waistband and two pockets in the side seams. As a particularly attractive detail, our Olanio pants have artistically designed tucks above the side seams and give these trendy pants a particularly stylish touch. There are no limits to the combinability of these chic trousers, because they can be combined with all types of clothing and can be worn in many ways, whether in everyday life or in the office.

Tip: Create your individual complete outfit in a timeless déjà vu look and combine our Olanio linen trousers with the Regator linen shirt or the Believe linen jacket from the current new series by déjà vu with the same effective tucks.

Made in Aachen, Germany

Color white

Size: XL, XXL (see dimensions)

Material: 100% linen

30 ° C wash

Item details


data sheet

waist size
XL 76 cm | XXL 78 cm
Waist size stretched
XL 102 cm | XXL 108 cm
Hip circumference
XL 124 cm | XXL 136 cm
Side length
XL 102 cm | XXL 105 cm
Total thigh circumference
XL 76 cm | XXL 82 cm
Stride length
XL 74 cm | XXL 76 cm