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Farewell mail: formulations, examples, 12 samples

You never go so completely. The problem with parting words is: you write one Farewell mail never for himself, but for his future reputation. A few last words to the boss, customers and colleagues - everything you write now sticks with you and can be used against you later. The temptation is great to send a farewell email (also Farewell letter called) to serve your colleagues a cool general bill or to tell the boss what you really think. Error! As much as you get angry and long for satisfaction: the anger goes away - the farewell email remains. Instructions on how to do it correctly ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Writing a farewell email: the balance between pathos and profession

The moment comes for each of us - sometimes prematurely and involuntarily, sometimes planned: The Farewell to the job.

Writing a good farewell email now is not that easy. In fact, it is Art form. It applies that to find the perfect center between professional, but not too factual, and emotional, but not too pathetic.

The temptation is great to hand out a few more wrestlers to unloved superiors and colleagues with the last few words. Typical messages are then: "Finally done - I'm out of here!" or "Bye, you guys!".

Incendiary speech, defamation and nasty billing are never a good idea. Something like that always comes after you.

Rather, you should above all else with your farewell email ...

  • Prove greatness and gratitude
  • Show respect to employers and colleagues
  • Leave a good final impression

You can do it entirely opportunistic see: Anyone who burns down all the bridges behind them with a brand mail can never go over them again. And since you are known to at least meets twice in a lifetime, someone like that just puts obstacles in their own way.

Maybe one day you will want to hire here again after all, for example when the management has been changed. Or would you like an ex-colleague to recommend you to others soon? Stupid who is then all Options installed has - and without compulsion at that.

The most neutral, but also the coolest factual formulation, which always works, reads accordingly:

... I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation and I wish you / you all the best for the personal but also the future of the company.

But of course that can be done even better ...

Formulating a farewell email: the basic rules

In general: Be sure to write a farewell email. Even if you were thrown outside the door after the second week of probation. Or if, after a two-week internship, you do not feel “entitled” to do so at all to contact colleagues by e-mail. Take the chance anyway, with a positive brand to disappear from the revolving door. It is ultimately an act of Personal branding.

If you have a few last words in writing to the boss and colleagues, you should address them four basic rules orientate:

  • Stay positive.

    Anyone who wants to say goodbye to their previous customers and colleagues after a termination should only find positive words. Everything else leaves a negative aftertaste - and damage to reputation is punishable by law.

  • Prove greatness.

    Do not let the bitterness echo through at any point, but rather humor or even better: ghost. Find a good quote that also builds others up and thus prove your greatness. Who knows, maybe the recipients are in a similar situation right now. So you will be remembered as a sovereign - and literally put the crown on your farewell.

  • Linking private.

    It is not professional to refer to the new employer in such an email (if any). It is better to link your private page (blog, Xing profile, etc.) and explain there how things will proceed with you.

  • Keep in touch.

    State your new contact details in the farewell email - to customers as well as to colleagues. You never know for whom and why this can be useful. The farewell e-mail should therefore contain a new e-mail address, possibly a mobile phone number or a link to your own website or profile in a business network.

Farewell email subject: Good examples for the subject line

The subject is more important than you might think. Your coworkers' eyes will be the first to wander over the subject line. And if an unmotivated "Tschö mit ö" is thrown at them there, some might feel kidding.

A successful subject line should neither sound too pathetic nor too flippant. And just “farewell mail” is a bit unimaginative. So here are a few suggestions for a factual and somewhat more personal subject:

  • I say goodbye
  • I'm changing
  • My farewell is approaching
  • thank you and goodbye
  • It goes on
  • I'm moving on
  • A new beginning is ahead of me
  • When it's most beautiful ...
  • I wish you success!
  • All the best!
  • Time to say goodbye

When should you send the farewell email?

With the farewell letter, you should give colleagues, employees, customers or business partners the opportunity to react to this personally. So you'd better send them not on the last working day, but one to two weeks beforehand. You can announce the last working day in it, or even start with it:

So instead of - boring - to write: "I would like to say goodbye to you ...", formulate a crisp, smart and stylish introductory sentence of the type: “There's cake on DD.MM.YYYY! Not because it's my birthday, but because I want to say THANK YOU and say goodbye to you ... "

If there is a successor for your position, you should also mention him in the farewell email in one sentence - but not factually and casually ("By the way, my successor is Mr. XY."), but with a little more nobility: "I wish my successor, Max Muster, at least as good a collaboration as I was able to experience here."

EXTRA tip: sleep over it for one night

First write your farewell letter - and then please sleep on it for another night and have a friend proofread the farewell e-mail (see video). This is how you discover possible errors or ambiguous formulations. And if you and your friend still have a good feeling afterwards, you can finally click on "Send“Click.

Farewell email examples: templates, samples and formulations

To make it easier for you to write and formulate your farewell email, we have a few below Examples for different occasions and target groups compiled. You can of course copy these here, but you should adjust them individually if necessary.

Farewell email to colleagues (& boss): samples and formulations

Depending on the relationship you have and have had with your colleagues, you can also write the farewell e-mail more personally. Or you can formulate two different emails and send them to different mailing lists - one brief, factual and one more detailed, personal. However, the above-mentioned basic rules apply to both.

Here are some formulation examples, which usually start with the words: "Dear colleagues, (dear employees,) ...":

Every new challenge is a gateway to new experiences. The poet Ernst Ferstl already knew that - and it fits in well with my professional future. To make it short: I'm leaving the company on DD.MM.YYYY.

Saying goodbye is not easy for me. I look back on great hours, days, years and joint projects that have given me a lot of wonderful experiences and a lot of energy. Project XY in particular was an enormous success back then - do you still remember?

This time has left a lot of positive marks and I would like to thank you very much for that. Also with a walkout, to which I will invite you again separately.

Anyone who would like to stay in contact with me beyond the time (which I would be happy to do) can do so by email at [email protected]

With best wishes for your future

time goes by too quickly. Only two more weeks, then it's time to say goodbye - to you, to the company. It was a great time and saying goodbye is really not easy for me. I've learned, experienced and experienced so much here. Support above all, but also team spirit and human warmth.

New tasks await me now. The laughing eye looks at the new and exciting challenges, the crying eye on this wonderful group of colleagues: THANK YOU - for this time and cooperation with you.

I wish my successor, Susanne Mustermann, every success and the same team spirit that I was able to experience. You can then contact me in the future at my private email address: [email protected]

Your grateful

luckily the change belongs. I am now following this knowledge and leaving the company. And already on DD.MM.YYYY.

It won't be easy. Because I was lucky enough to work with wonderful people. So before I go, I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the great collaboration. I remember all too fondly good conversations during my coffee or lunch break, as well as some stimulating chats across desks. We have achieved a lot together in the past and had a lot of fun. I am really very grateful for that.

I will miss all of them. So I would be happy if we could keep in touch privately here and there. In future you can reach me at the private address: [email protected]

Until then, I wish you all continued happy and successful work. May the team spirit carry you further ...

With kind regards

At parties it is always said that you should go when it is most beautiful. Well, it is very beautiful here right now, but at the same time I am drawn to new shores. That's why I have to say goodbye for good on - from you, from ABC GmbH. I enjoyed being here, I enjoyed working with you and I look forward to both instructive and successful years with gratitude.

Of course, I will not just disappear without a sound, but will say "Goodbye" and thank you for your trust and cooperation with a little fuss. I invite you again separately.

My colleague, Max Muster, will take over my area of ​​responsibility. I wish him that he will receive the same friendly and competent support as I have in previous years. And maybe our paths will cross again. That would make me happy. If you want to force that: My new email address is: [email protected]

Goodbye, yours

Farewell mail to customers: examples and samples

Customers also want to be respected and valued - this not only applies to professional contact, but also shows when you say goodbye. If you have worked closely together for many years, it is good form to say goodbye to each other. In addition, customers have a right to find out who their new advisor is too early in order to be able to adjust to it. Nobody wants to find out by chance that someone else will be responsible for their own concerns from now on. This is how it works:

  • Farewell email to customers about job change

    Dear Mr. Meyer,

    I will change my job on and will therefore no longer be available as a consultant as before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation over the past few years. Thanks to the trust you have placed in me, we have achieved a lot together.

    In the future my colleague Mr. Markus Schmidt will support you with all questions. I have already given him all the information. You can reach him at: [email protected]

    With best regards
    Stefanie Peters

  • Farewell email to customers about project handover

    Dear Ms. Weber,

    Due to some internal restructuring, a new customer advisor will be responsible for your concerns from DD / MM / YYYY. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the consistently good and trusting cooperation with you. I will hand you over to the experienced hands of my colleague Claudia Muster, who you can reach immediately on 01 234/5 67 89.

    Best Regards
    John Doe

  • Farewell email to customers about parental leave

    Dear Ms. Fischer,

    Since I am going on parental leave on DD.MM.YYYY, I would like to say goodbye to you and at the same time thank you very much for the trusting and very productive cooperation.

    In the next year, Mr. Michael Müller will take care of your affairs and will be at your side with advice and action. You can reach him by email at: [email protected]

    With best regards
    Vanessa Krause

Talk to the boss before you send the mail

If you have a good relationship with your boss - despite an upcoming job change - it can make sense to give the Discuss the content of your farewell emails. Go through the formulations together, as both sides have an interest in sending a successful farewell email to customers.

You can also avoid later disputes because you First the "OK" from your boss have caught up. In that case, however, you should also be prepared to revise your message a little more.

And one last request: write no mass emails. Avoid circular emails and collective letters - these always seem impersonal and disparaging. Especially if you have worked together well and trustingly for years and made a lot of sales, it should be worth an individual email. It is entirely permissible to include a few personal memories of the collaboration.

Farewell retirement email: Example for the last working day

Even those who retire can and should of course say goodbye to previous colleagues and customers. Something is also allowed here Sounding through melancholy, after all, you leave active professional life and a whole new phase of life begins. You should not be too excited about the new freedom, because the others still have to go to work the next day ...

Here are a few examples of wording and samples for the farewell e-mail:

Dear Colleagues,

that's it. 40 long and successful professional years end on DD.MM.YYYY. The desk is already tidy, the boxes are packed. I look back gratefully on exciting, instructive and successful years - also with you as a team. I am very grateful for that.

I am sure you can understand that I am leaving with sadness. It is not easy for me to let go - you do not make it easy for me. Because with you I got to know a lot of wonderful people, with whom you can have fun, work reliably, in order to realize many great projects.

Much will remain in my fond memories - for example:
- the many nice conversations in the coffee kitchen
- the small celebrations after a successful project completion
- the technical discussion in our Monday conference
- the legendary company outing that literally fell into the water
- the open ears that you always had
I will miss all of that.

Every journey has to end at some point, but the memory of it lasts forever. My journey with you ends here, but I will certainly remember the good times we had together for many years to come.

I wish you continued success and keep this splendid spirit!

Dear Colleagues,

Every beginning is difficult - this farewell is even more so. The time has come: I'm stepping down - into retirement. I look back on many wonderful years and a strong community and now see my future as a retiree.

Even if I am now looking forward to the new phase of my life, all of this is not easy for me - as many will understand. It was really a great collaboration, from which one or the other friendship developed. I am grateful for that.

But now I am facing the last big challenge: life as a pensioner. It won't be easy. Especially not when you are missing the many exciting projects, customers and even small niceties. I still want to try ...

I will keep fond memories of you and the company and maybe even annoy my grandchildren with the stories. Well, it could have been worse. Thanks also for the congratulations and encouraging cards!

A grateful one says goodbye

Farewell email after termination: Farewell without a new job

Out! End! Enough! - Saying goodbye to the company can be difficult if you haven't got anything new up your sleeve. Regardless of whether you were fired or whether the current position was a fixed-term employment contract from the outset: If you haven't just flown through the nursery in a jet jet, you will want to address a few words to former customers and colleagues.

However, please without sounding desperate or even needy. If the farewell email is poorly worded, it quickly looks as if you wanted to apply with it at the same time. Or the recipient gets the impression that you are not asked. Both bad. Conversely, it would be unwise not to use existing contacts out of false pride or ignorance. So write what?

The nifty trick is not to mention that you're looking for a new job, but add a few qualifications and achievements here and there:

Dear business partners,

After two exciting and varied years, this project is coming to an end. At this point I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation. I am now looking forward to a new chapter in my life. If you would like to stay in contact with me, you can reach me at [email protected]

Dear Ms / Mr (name of customer),

From DD.MM.YYYY my colleague, Mr. Markus Schneider, will take care of your concerns. Thank you very much for the fruitful and trusting cooperation. I am leaving the company myself and am now looking forward to a new career path.

I would be happy if we kept in touch. In the future you can reach me at: first [email protected] or on the mobile number: 0170/123 45 67.

Dear Business Partners,

I have four great years behind me, during which I enthusiastically built up the team. Even if communication was difficult at the beginning of the project due to the severe onset of winter, I am still proud of how well we were able to meet the desired delivery dates. You know: reliability and responsibility are not foreign words to me.

As I am leaving this company on DD.MM.YYYY, I would like to thank you for this wonderful collaboration. I look positively into the future and would be happy if our paths crossed again. If you would like further information, you can reach me immediately at first [email protected] or on 0170/123 45 67.

Farewell email template for download

If you want to download this farewell email as a template and a free PDF document or Word file, you can do so here:

Avoid farewell email traps: step-by-step instructions

Because countless in the farewell email Falling lurking that are sometimes not so obvious, we have another one here detailed step-by-step instructions set up for you:

  1. receiver

    This is where it all comes down to Size of the company at. To say goodbye to all colleagues by e-mail in a 1,000-employee group would go beyond any scope. Limit yourself to your own department, to your direct supervisors, colleagues and selected employees from other departments with whom you have been in close contact or have worked closely (including those you hated). Which of course does not rule out the possibility of saying goodbye to them personally. In a 10-man shop, medium-sized agency, or firm, yours should be Farewell email must be sent to all employees walk. Do not exclude anyone here, otherwise your last greeting will cause bad blood and the hurt of individuals who keep your face in lasting bad memories.

  2. Address list

    Another underestimated factor. The address list, which includes all recipients of your farewell e-mail, is by no means a mere formality, but is usually perceived very consciously. Many a colleague or boss who appears at the very end of the list feels dishonored and offended in their status. Do not even get involved in such intrigues. Arrange the address list is preferably alphabetical - and not according to hierarchy, sympathy, spatial proximity or other criteria. With an alphabetically sorted list of recipients, you won't fool anyone - and you can also check more effectively whether you've forgotten someone. If in doubt, send the mails via "blind copy" - that is, in BCC. Then nobody sees the distributor.

  3. spelling, orthography

    Bad spelling mistakes that have crept into your farewell email leave a very bad last impression. Very important: check yours Farewell mail thoroughly on spelling and grammar - Commas and rotated letters included. If in doubt, simply ask your spouse, neighbor, brother or sister to proofread again the night before. Faulty mails cast a bad light on your competence - even if you are neither a German teacher nor a newspaper editor. Nobody wants to encourage malicious ex-colleagues or bosses to make silly sayings about "our stupid ex-colleague" through careless mistakes.

  4. length

    Please write on the one hand no novels. On the other hand, it would be a listless two-liner stuck along no sign of appreciation for your colleagues. Stick to a concise email that consists of three to four paragraphs. The following should definitely be included: Salutation (“Dear colleagues”), brief introduction (“Today is my last day at xy”), a thank you (“I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation”), best Wishes ("I wish you all the best for your future") and a farewell greeting. Also, don't forget yours contact details (E-mail, mobile phone, Xing or Facebook profile) to be included in your farewell email so that you can still be reached - and networked.

  5. background

    Word has got around by now that you are leaving to take up a new job. The Reason for your departure You can and should at least briefly mention them. After all, everyone should know that you gave notice of your own accord and were not fired because of incompetence. In addition, nothing speaks against it, at least the industry and the location of the new employer something like this: "As you may have already noticed, I am looking for a new challenge with a large retail group in Berlin." But you may simply not want your colleagues to know where the professional journey is going. Or you want / should for the time being Discretion about your future place of work true. Then just leave out this information completely. And: A specific naming of the new employer can be interpreted as a boast (“I'll be working at BMW from now on!”). Therefore it is better to do without it.

  6. diplomacy

    Even if some would like to add snappy comments to their own farewell email: From negative remarks or even ranting in the farewell email is strongly discouraged. Possible authorization and background or not. Do not give yourself this nakedness - under no circumstances. Neither supervisors nor colleagues, interns, suppliers or customers should do this Victim of a devious innuendo regardless of whether they even see the mail or not. The following applies here top priority of neutrality: Remain diplomatic, otherwise you will immediately be exposed as weak in character.

  7. authenticity

    In return, don't overdo it Adulation and do not compliment individuals - for example, do not write praise for your boss because he or she has promoted you twice. That probably won't go down well with the rest of the workforce. Also would an exuberant final greeting quickly to farce, if you don't necessarily part in the best. The words in your farewell email should therefore not be completely out of thin air. You should be able to identify yourself with your email - while maintaining a polite, respectful tone. And save yourself those too Crocodile tears ("I am so sad to have to leave you today") for your withdrawal or your personal one AU Revoir. This can quickly become embarrassing in an email.

Legendary farewell emails and farewell letters

As the Saxon King Friedrich August III. abdicated from his throne in November 1918, he left a message that made history: "Make a Drägg alleene!", were his short but concise ones Farewell words. Not really noble or royal, but extremely authentic and honest.

The goodbye email from Google employees Jason Shugars is again something of a modern myth: "So long, suckers!"he wrote to his former colleagues via email a few years ago. Loosely translated this meant: "Take care, your lollipop!" According to tradition, this provided amusement for his old colleagues. For most superiors, however, such last words are unlikely to go down well.

And there are also such reactions, even if these are labor law are not unproblematic:

The palette of such farewell emails ranges from fanals à la "And bye, you assholes!" above Company climate bombs of type "I would like to thank you for the good cooperation, even if I was always amused that Simone receives less than 1000 euros for the same work than Klaus ..." up to Piety prose how “I will never forget you and my work here. You always have a place in my heart. "

Worse is always possible, but also better (see above).

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