When did Trump buy Mar a Lago

Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago : Is the ex-president planning his comeback from Florida?

He's gone - and yet not quite. When still-US President Donald Trump left the White House early on Wednesday morning, he went straight to the waiting journalists, thanked them for their cooperation and said: "I hope it won't be a long farewell."

Anyone who wanted to could see this as the announcement of a comeback. Because the evening before he had published a 20-minute farewell video and said: "The movement that we have started is only just beginning."

On Wednesday, shortly before 9:00 am, at the military airfield in Andrews, when he spoke the last words of his term of office without a teleprompter, the speech ended with the following sentences: “We will soon be back somehow or other. We'll see each other again soon. ”That sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger's threat as a“ Terminator ”-“ I'll be back ”, I'll be back.

A pariah in paradise?

What is Trump planning? Does he want to found a new party, run for the presidency again in 2024, return to the media business with his own talk show, build himself a large museum or a Trump theme park with a ferris wheel? He's probably not quite sure himself.

But that in the future he will only play golf and put his feet up by the swimming pool in his private golf club Mar-a-Lago is considered to be out of the question. Trump was always a doer. He is likely to have retained this quality after his retirement as President.

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However, his hands are tied. At least half a dozen civil cases are pending against Trump. His means of communication are very limited after his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have been blocked.

Previous donors - Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank in New York, Professional Bank in Florida - want to get rid of him as a customer. More and more prominent Republicans are turning their backs on him.

So after all: a pariah in paradise? The Mar-a-Lago property was bought by Trump in 1986 and converted into a private golf club in 1993, equipped with a $ 50,000 golf simulation machine and a 60-inch television set over the dining table.

Trump is proud of his collection of Brioni jackets and of his wife Melania's Louis Vuitton suitcases. The admission fee to the club is in the six-figure range.

Florida is "Trump country"

When it was converted into a club, however, it was determined that there was no permanent residential presence there. The ten suites may only be occupied by club members a maximum of three times a year for one week each. A kind of ban on misappropriation.

Still, Melania and Donald Trump relocated to Palm Beach last year from New York, where the wind of public disapproval blew sharply in their faces.

As a result, they are threatened with lawsuits even here. The luxury resort was warned by the authorities during the last New Year's Eve party for violating the Corona rules. Hardly any guest had worn a mask. However, the Trump couple had left shortly before.

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Neighbors are complaining about elaborate security precautions, some fear that Mar-a-Lago could become a place of pilgrimage for militant Trump supporters. Right-wing talk radio stars like the retired Rush Limbaugh already reside in Florida.

The conservative-reactionary TV station "Newsmax" has its headquarters in nearby Boca Raton. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a loyal Trump supporter. Rick Scott, one of the two Senators, has voted against the certification of the election result in Congress. Florida is "Trump country" they say.

More than $ 200 million in donations for Trump

The family comes too. Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Don Jr, Eric and Tiffany: They all already have or are looking for properties near Palm Beach. Ivanka is said to be running for a seat in Congress.

Even during Trump's presidency, ultra-conservative groups such as “Turning Point USA” or the “Conservative Political Action Conference” moved their meetings to Florida. In the northeast of the 21.5-million-inhabitant state, on Amelia Island, the "Republican National Committee" had held its winter conference.

Even financially, Trump has made provisions for a political comeback, if he wanted. After his election defeat on November 3rd, he raised more than $ 200 million in donations that were supposed to be used for litigation to overturn the election results. To what extent this money is earmarked is an open question. Most likely, Trump will be able to dispose of a large part of it.

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