How common are white peacocks



What does a peacock look like?

Peacocks belong to the order of the hen birds and there to the family of the pheasants. The peacock we know is called the common or blue peacock.

The males in particular are immediately recognizable: their tail feathers, which are up to 150 centimeters long and have a pattern that is reminiscent of eyes, are almost unique in the bird world.

These tail feathers are very elongated upper tail coverts. The male can set them up to form a wheel. This makes the bird look even more impressive. The actual tail is much shorter: it measures only 40 to 45 centimeters.

The males are colored bright blue on the neck, chest and belly. Overall, they are up to two meters long and weigh between four and six kilograms. There is a large, crescent-shaped white spot under the eyes

The females are smaller: they are no more than a meter tall and weigh between two and four kilograms.

They are also much less colorful: their plumage is predominantly greenish-gray. They have an inconspicuous pattern and do not have a long tail.

Males and females wear a crown of feathers on their heads.

Where does a peacock live?

The peacock is native to India and Sri Lanka. Today it can be found as an ornamental bird all over the world.

In the wild, peacocks mostly inhabit hilly terrain in the jungle. They prefer places near water. During the day they usually hide in the dense forest. In the morning and in the evening they leave the forest and look for food in fields and meadows. Because they are very faithful to their location, they are often kept free in parks

What kinds of peacocks are there?

The green peacock lives in Southeast Asia. It is so closely related to the blue peacock that the species can be crossed with one another.

The blue peacock is less closely related to the Congo peacock from Central Africa. There are two breeding forms in captivity: the black-winged peacock and the white peacock.

How old does a peacock get?

Peacocks can live up to 30 years.


How does a peacock live?

Peacocks have always impressed people: 4000 years ago they were brought from India to the Mediterranean as ornamental birds.

In India, peacocks are revered and valued as sacred for eating cobra snakes. That is why they are also kept in villages.

Peacocks are sociable birds. A male usually lives with around five hens - which he jealously guards.

Peacocks have relatively long legs. Therefore it seems as if they are strutting.

Despite their size and long tail, they can fly. In case of danger, they rise into the air, flee into the bushes or seek shelter in a tree. They also spend the night in trees to be a little protected from predators.

The animals are very vigilant. With their loud screams, they not only warn their fellow species but also other animals of dangerous predators.

In captivity, peacocks can become very trusting, but wild peacocks are very shy.

Friends and enemies of the peacock

In the wild, peacocks often fall prey to leopards and tigers. In some areas they are also hunted by humans for their meat.

How does the peacock reproduce?

In India, peacocks usually breed in the rainy season. When the males present the females with their splendid tails, which are arranged in a wheel, they signal: I am the most beautiful and the best partner.

Whoever has the most and most magnificent eye spots has the greatest chance with the females.

After mating, the female lays three to five white to pale yellow eggs, which it incubates for 27 to 30 days. The nest is well hidden in the bushes, sometimes in the branches of trees. From time to time they also nest in abandoned buildings.

The chicks wear a light brown, dunky dress, on top they are a little darker in color. At first they take shelter under the mother's tail. When they are a little older, they are colored like the female peacock. After about a month, your feather crown will grow.

Only at the age of three do the males get their shiny plumage and their long tail feathers. These only reach their full length when the birds are six years old. But even as chicks, peacocks practice turning their wheels: They tremble with their little wings and set up their tiny tail feathers.

How do peacocks communicate?

All year round, but especially during the mating season, males and females let out their loud, bloodcurdling cries day and night. However, the males cry much more frequently than the females.


What does a peacock eat?

In their homeland, peacocks have a varied diet: They feed on berries, seeds, fruits, insects and small vertebrates. They also do not stop at young poisonous snakes.

Here too, in addition to seeds and fruits, they mainly eat insects.

Keeping a peacock

Today peacocks live all over the world as ornamental birds in zoos and parks. They are very popular there because they are easy to keep and get on well with other birds. In addition, they hardly leave their familiar territories and can also cope with the cooler climate here.