Why are you blocking people on Facebook

Facebook: How can you block / unblock users?

Anyone who feels harassed by another user on Facebook, for example by unwanted messages or posts, has a simple way of remedying this with the "Block user" function.

A blocked user can no longer see his own Facebook profile and his own posts and is no longer able to send direct messages. However, this also applies the other way round, i.e. you are no longer able to see the blocked user's Facebook page or to send personal messages.

Important: If you block a person, they will not be informed of this step. However, it is of course possible that the blocked person notices that you can no longer be found e.g. via the profile search.

How can you block a specific person on Facebook?

The easiest way to block someone is through the person's profile. Here you can simply click on the gear symbol on the right side of the cover picture and select "Report / Block ...":

Block users without visiting their profile page

You can also block a user without going to the corresponding profile. All you have to do is click on the lock symbol on the top right of your profile:

Then you choose the option "How do I stop someone from bothering me" and then enter the name or email address of the person to be blocked:

A list of people now appears, from which the user to be blocked must be selected. Finally, you have to confirm again that this person should actually be blocked on Facebook:

How to unblock a Facebook page

Once blocked on Facebook, it can also be reversed. To do this, click on the lock symbol and then on"Show more settings" click:

Now on the left up"To block" click. You can then find it under the entry"Block user" in the right side area the list of people who are already blocked. With one click on "Unblock" the corresponding person can be released again:

In the last step, the unblocking has to be confirmed briefly:

If you want to be friends with the person on Facebook again, you can now send a new friend request.