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Death list

List of deceased characters picture Surname Died by Details Shodai Hokageunknown unknown Nidaime Hokageunknown Was killed by Kumogakure's special unit Kinkaku Butai. Sandaime HokageShiki FuujinHiruzen Sarutobi used the Shiki Fuujin in the fight against Orochimaru,
that costs the user his life. Yondaime HokageShiki FuujinMinato Namikaze used the Shiki Fuujin in the fight against Kyuubi,
that costs the user his life. Shodai Kazekageunknown unknown Nidaime Kazekageunknown unknown Sandaime KazekageSasoriWas killed by Sasori and his body was made into a doll. Yondaime KazekageOrochimaruWas killed by Orochimaru,
so that he would have Sunagakure under his control to attack Konoha. Shodai Raikageunknown unknown Nidaime Raikageunknown unknown Sandaime Raikageunknown Died when he let his men
to flee a battle and so fought against 10,000 opponents for three days and nights,
to give his comrades time to get to safety. Shodai Mizukageunknown unknown Nidaime MizukageNidaime TsuchikageDied fighting the Nidaime Tsuchikage. Sandaime Mizukageunknown unknown Yondaime Mizukageunknown The exact cause of death is unknown.
Only the fact that his bijuu was free suggests that
that the release was likely the cause of death. Shodai Tsuchikageunknown unknown Nidaime TsuchikageNidaime MizukageDied fighting the Nidaime Mizukage. Sandaime Tsuchikagenobody Died of old age shortly after fighting Kuu.AgaraKabuto YakushiDied fighting Kabuto Yakushi. Ameyuri Ringo illness Ameyuri died of an incurable disease at a young age.AoJuubiKilled along with other members of the headquarters,
when Juubis Bijuu Dama strikes and destroys it. Ashina Uzumakiunknown unknown Ashura OotsutsukiIndra OotsutsukiHe died fighting his brother. Asuma SarutobiHidanAsuma was killed in the fight against Hidan through his ritual. BaiuGaaraWas killed by Gaara with Sabaku Kyuu during Chunin selection test. Bivouac SarutobiObito UchihaWas killed by Obito when Naruto was born. BunpukuShukakuDied from extraction of Shukaku. Butsuma Senjuunknown unknown ChirikuHidanChiriku was killed by the ritual of Hidan. ChiyoKishou TenseiTo revive Gaara, she sacrificed her own with the help of Kishou Tensei. Chuukichiunknown unknown Dan Katouunknown Seriously wounded and bled to death in the war for reasons still unexplained. Dan's sisterunknown unknown Danzou Shimurasuicide In the fight against Sasuke he was fatally injured by this,
whereby the Ura Shishou Fuuin Jutsu activated and he finally died. Deidarasuicide In the fight against Sasuke he used C0,
with which he blew himself up. Dosu KinutaGaaraDosu was killed by Gaara in battle. Former head of
Kumogakure shinobiHiashi HyuugaWhen he tried to kidnap Hinata Hyuuga,
he was discovered and killed by Hiashi. Fuguki SuikazanKisame HoshigakiWas killed by Kisame Hoshigaki with his own sword Samehada. FukaiHachibiLost his life by extracting the hachibi. FunariSuigetsu HoozukiWas killed by Suigetsu Hoozuki. FuruiHachibiWas killed while trying to recapture Hachibi. FusouKonoha shinobiGot accidentally by the Konoha shinobi
held for the enemy and killed. FuuAkatsukiDied removing the bijuus. Fuu YamanakaKabuto YakushiWas sacrificed by Kabuto Yakushi for the illustration of Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. Gariunknown unknown GateauZabuza MomochiGateau was killed by Zabuza,
because he kicked Haku's body. GenyuumaruOrochimaruOrochimaru killed Genyuumaru by Fushi Tensei. Ginkakuunknown unknown Hagoromo Ootsutsukinatural cause of death Hagoromo died of old age. HakuKakashi HatakeHaku sacrificed himself in battle,
to protect Zabuza from Kakashi's raikiri. Haku's motherHaku's fatherWhen her husband found out that she owned a Kekkei Genkai, he killed her. Haku's fatherHakuWhen he tried to kill Haku
he was killed by his son as a result of resistance. Hamura Ootsutsukiunknown unknown HanAkatsukiDied removing his bijuu. HanzouPainThe exact circumstances of his death are not known,
however, it is known that Pain killed him. Hayate GekkouBakiHayate was killed fighting Baki,
after overhearing a conversation between him and Kabuto Yakushi. HidanShikamaru NaraHidan's head was after his defeat
against Shikamaru buried alive by this. HinoWhite zetsuLike many other medicine ninja, Hino became a white zetsu during the fourth Shinobi World War
murdered in the form of Nejis, although there was a truce that night. HirukoSasoriWas killed by Sasori and converted into a doll. Hizashi Hyuugasuicide To protect his brother and son Neji,
he sacrificed himself in place of his brother. Ikkaku UminoKyuubiHe was killed in Kyuubi's attack on Konoha sixteen years ago. Indra OotsutsukiAshura OotsutsukiHe died fighting his brother. Inoichi YamanakaJuubiKilled along with other members of the headquarters,
when Juubis Bijuu Dama strikes and destroys it. IseKonoha shinobiAccidentally gotten by the Konoha shinobi
held for the enemy and killed. Itachi UchihaSasuke UchihaItachi deliberately lost the fight
against his brother Sasuke and died of exhaustion. Itama SenjuMembers of the