Why did my macaw start to bite

3 questions to ask yourself when your parrot pulls itself off

Does your parrot pluck its feathers until the skin underneath is visible?

Are you then afraid that it will destroy its follicles and that feathers will never grow there again?

Plucking can be a serious problem and it can be a sign of various diseases.

Here's what to do if your parrot plucks.

Question 1: When did he start plucking?

If your parrot has recently started plucking, a parasite infection is likely. Parrots in particular, which pluck under their wings, are often infected with the intestinal parasite Giardia. These microscopic beasts cause an itchy itch that can really bother your parrot.

If your parrot has been plucking for several years, it could also be a chronic infection. In either case, you should take him to the vet.

But plucking for many years usually has a completely different cause: psychological problems!

Above all, frustration, nervousness and boredom are typical stress factors for parrots.

Question 2: What is stressing your parrot?

To answer this question, you have to play a bit of detective. Put yourself in your parrot's shoes and ask yourself what would be bothering you about your parrot life.

  • Is the environment too loud or too hectic?
  • Is your parrot's sleep disturbed?
  • What things could be uncomfortable or frightening?
  • What things are comfortable and calming for your parrot?
  • Or did your parrot just have to get used to a new environment?

It is important to know that parrots are creatures of habit - even more so than we humans. So if you've just bought new furniture or removed their favorite picture from the wall, this could be one of the reasons your parrot is irritated.

Speaking of routine, is your parrot's daily routine regular? Does he always get his food at the same times of the day? Or does he often have to adjust to spontaneous changes? It is important that parrots always have things around them that are familiar to them. Your favorite food bowl also has a psychological meaning for your parrot.

But too much routine is not good either, as some parrots pluck because they are bored.

Above all, very intelligent parrots like the African gray parrot pluck when they don't have enough intellectual activity or are kept alone.

For these parrots, plucking is like biting their nails or smoking for us.

You probably know that from yourself sometimes: This subliminal tension and the simultaneous annoyance because nothing interesting is happening at the moment. A parrot feels similar when it pulls its feathers out of boredom. Just be patient with your boyfriend, minimize his or her stress, and provide a little more entertainment.

Question 3: How can you keep your parrot out of boredom?

How can you get more involved with your parrot? And: What toys does your parrot like to relieve tension when you are not around?

The only way to find out the answer is to try different toys and see how he reacts to them. By the way: if he breaks a toy, it sometimes means that he likes it very much!

But before you set off and buy the whole trunk full of parrot toys (and empty your bank account), I suggest you enroll in the parrot course. There you can find out how you can get hundreds of toys for your parrot almost free of charge.

If you want to know more ...

  • A common cause of plucking is poor diet. Here you will find valuable tips for a healthy diet for parrots.
  • Target training is the ideal way to keep your parrot away from boredom. That can slow down his passion for plucking.
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