Which one is better between laptop or tablet

Differences: notebook, tablet and convertible

Purchase decision: These criteria count

Would you like to buy a new computer for on the go? In addition to high-performance notebooks, you can also use comfortable tablets and versatile convertibles. You can read here which purchase criteria make the choice easier.

Difference between notebook, tablet and convertible

In addition to the planned use, the purchasing decision includes performance (processor, RAM), the size of the display, the type of screen (does it also offer touch functionality?), The type and speed of the connections, the battery life, the noise and noise levels Heat development of the device as well as the selection of accessories are relevant. In the following paragraphs you will learn more about the different device classes.

Tablet: fun & surfing

Watching videos, using apps and surfing - if you don't primarily need your mobile computer to work and write, a tablet is usually a good choice. Tablets sit comfortably in the hand and usually have good battery runtimes, but are not suitable for longer typing or more complex applications. Smart home devices can be controlled clearly and conveniently for this purpose.


Connections for HDMI or Micro-HDMI and DisplayPorts or Mini-DisplayPorts are often completely missing. A suitable adapter can help.

Notebook: power worker

Mobile and powerful - notebooks are versatile workhorses and are increasingly being equipped with touch screens. Depending on the display size, processor, RAM and graphics card, laptops are also suitable for computationally intensive applications such as film editing and gaming. When buying a notebook, the processor, performance and power consumption are essential. If you want to edit and play videos, the graphics card must be correspondingly fast. Some devices run particularly quietly and with almost no heat generation.


If you are looking for a versatile companion: Notebooks often offer a variety of different connections.

Convertible: flexibility

Convertibles offer the optimum in mobility and performance. These 2-in-1 devices combine the best of both worlds and can be used both as a notebook and as a tablet. The low weight and touchscreen operation of tablets are combined with the performance and keyboard usability of a notebook. But they are a little less mobile than real tablets.


On some models, the keyboard can be completely undocked. This makes it easier to operate on the move in tight spaces (for example on a train).