Does Jose Mourinho have senile dementia?

Conte accused Mourinho of "senile dementia"

VIDEO: Next chapter in the exchange of blows between the two star coaches: Chelsea's supervisor etches against the Manchester coach, who promptly reminded him of his previous history in Italy (match-fixing) on ​​the counterattack. But who is the "clown" now?

Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho no longer become good friends. The verbal exchange of blows between the coaches from Chelsea and Manchester United continued on Friday. After Mourinho had declared at a press conference that he did not have to act "like a clown" on the sidelines, Conte saw this as an attack on himself. The Italian then accused Mourinho of senile dementia.

He did not know the English term, Mourinho said it would probably be "demenza senile", said Conte. "If you forget what happened in the past," said the former Juventus coach. At Chelsea, they tried to put the statement into perspective. Conte meant forgetfulness, it was said. Mourinho responded after beating Derby 2-0 in the FA Cup that evening. He did not refer the term clown to Conte. Accordingly, the related question to his adversary was wrong.

"The media should apologize," said Mourinho. He's not blaming Conte. "Yes, I've made mistakes on the sideline in the past," said Mourinho, but immediately teased: "What never happened to me is that I was banned for match-fixing. That will never happen." Conte was accused of sports fraud because he should not have reported the manipulation of a game during his time as a coach at Siena (2010 to 2011). In the end, however, he was acquitted.

There has been a tense atmosphere between the two star coaches for a long time. According to Conte, Mourinho is too busy with what is happening at his ex-club Chelsea. He was "a little annoyed because of this," said Conte on Friday afternoon. "If you want to fight me, I'm ready." In November, he and Mourinho did not shake hands before the league duel. Last March, the fourth official had to intervene in a dispute on the sidelines between the two.