Is Skype still using Qt

Qt: The C ++ framework for developing cross-platform software

Qt is programmed in C ++, whereby the programming language through the preprocessor MOC (Meta-Object Compiler) to features like the elementary Signal and slot mechanism (enables event-controlled communication between program objects). For this purpose, the preprocessor generates standard-compliant C ++ from the Qt source code before compilation. As a consequence, Qt applications with common C ++ compilers like GCC, ICC, MinGW or MSVC are translated. Newer versions of the framework also offer access to Qt's own Markup language QMLwhich simplifies the GUI development in particular. In addition to these internal language solutions, there are various ones provided by third-party providers Connectionsfor other programming languages like Python, Ruby, Go, Java or PHP.

With qmake (standard solution) and Qbs (QtB.uild S.uite) holds the framework two own build systems ready, although other systems such as CMake can also be used. In addition, users have their own integrated development environment Qt Creator are available, including has a code editor and enables quick access to the selected components.