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Job profile: App Developer

App developers develop apps for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. Some have specialized in a particular operating system. App developers work in the IT business and in numerous other industries. Many work as freelancers. The job titles mobile developer, mobile app developer, application developer, mobile developer or app developer are used synonymously.

Mobile developer tasks

These are the most important tasks of app developers. Mobile developers ...

  • develop new apps
  • develop existing apps further
  • fix bugs and system crashes
  • ensure the link between the backend and the frontend
  • help with the marketing of apps
  • make sure that the apps adhere to the guidelines of the app store operator
  • test apps for performance and usability
  • work out customer wishes
  • work closely with other IT experts such as functional designers, interaction designers, UX designers, Java developers, backend developers, product owners and scrum masters

App developer activity

A new app starts with the idea and the associated order. The client turns to an app developer and tells him what he wants to achieve with the application.

Check idea

The web developer accepts the order and first checks whether the idea can be implemented from a technical point of view. The first test is not only about technical feasibility, but also whether the app meets the relatively strict design guidelines of the app store operator.

Design an app

If this is the case, it goes straight to the conception of the app. In the opposite case, the design must be improved again so that everything runs smoothly from a technical and design perspective.

Program the app

In the conception phase of the program, the app developer develops the user interface and the programming. Afterwards, after various checks and test runs, the app can be uploaded to the respective shop for sale.

Maintain motivation

It takes between one and three months for an app to be ready. Usually it is worked on and tinkered with in teamwork. In order for the application to be a success, a keen sense for the nerve of the times is the necessary prerequisite.

App developer skills

Mobile app developers are proficient in programming languages ​​such as Objective-C and Swift (Apple iOS), Java and IDE Eclipse (Google Android) or C #, C and C ++ (Microsoft Windows Mobile). Knowledge of data management systems and user interfaces can also be helpful for app developers. Commercial and business know-how, which helps with the marketing of the apps, is becoming increasingly important. Creativity is the basis for the job. This enables mobile developers to come up with, develop and sell new apps.

Mobile developer application

App developers should be able to note the following skills in their application:

  • Knowledge of the programming languages ​​Java, Objective-C or Swift
  • Know-how about the connection of backend systems (WebServices, XML, JSON, REST)
  • Knowledge of test-driven development and continuous
  • motivation
  • Team player skills
  • Quality awareness
  • Enjoyment of independent work and solving problems
  • Openness to new technologies and solutions
  • Readiness for lifelong learning
  • creativity

App developer salary

According to the compensation study by Compensation Partner, mobile developers earn an average of EUR 73,150 gross per year. In the IT sector, only IT consultants and IT security experts earn more. Other sources assume an average annual salary of around 47,000 euros for app developers.

Young professionals in app development start with an annual gross salary of between 38,000 euros and 48,000 euros. With several years of professional experience, your income increases to 55,000 euros to 65,000 euros annually.

The salary depends on the size of the employer, location, industry, work experience and education. Mobile developers earn more with a master’s degree than with a bachelor’s degree. Big companies pay better than small ones. IT salaries are particularly high in the biotechnology, semiconductor and mechanical engineering industries. They are particularly low in retail, hospitals, temporary work and call centers.

Freelancer hourly wages

Freelance app developers can expect an hourly rate between 70 euros and 90 euros. Overall, the range is between 30 euros and 150 euros. Most freelance mobile developers range between $ 50 and $ 100 an hour. Only a fraction of the freelancers request less than 50 euros or more than 100 euros.

Become an app developer

Many app developers have studied computer science, technical computer science, computer science or software engineering. But not all app developers have a university degree under their belt. There are many employees in this area who, for example, have previously tinkered with websites in their free time or part-time and thus gained experience. A lateral entry for self-taught people is definitely a realistic option.

Computer science studies

The computer science course is offered by numerous universities and technical colleges throughout Germany. It offers a stable foundation for aspiring app developers.

This is what computer scientists learn:

  • Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Stochastics
  • Algorithms
  • Formal languages
  • Object orientation
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Practical computer science
  • Technical computer Science
  • Applied computer science

App developer job market

A world without apps? For many users it is now unimaginable. It is therefore obvious that app developers are in great demand on the job market. The smartphone market is booming and there are more and more useful little everyday helpers in the form of apps on the small pocket computers.

They help you find the nearest petrol station, display new messages, keep your shopping lists paperless and are also ideal for playing games or for business communication.

The call for app developers on the job market has grown all the greater in recent years. They design the mini applications for tablets or smartphones. They do this either on behalf of their employer or as a self-employed app developer.

App developer employer

App developers find employment in practically all industries. In these for example:

  • IT companies and IT agencies
  • Financial services
  • Gaming
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology
  • telecommunications
  • electronics

further education

Anyone who works in the field of computer science has to learn all their life. Content is changing rapidly. Many app developers do further training in their free time. Internal training courses by employers or e-learning courses with subsequent certification are also popular training options.

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