Are there bulletproof backpacks for children

Israeli company produces bulletproof school bags for US children

An Israeli company that usually makes bulletproof vests and helmets for the military and police has found a new, booming business model in the production of bulletproof school backpacks. Orders from the USA got off to an extremely good start.

Since the most recent mass school massacre in Parkland, production has been increased to 500 backpacks per month, the company "Masada Armor" told AFP.

Backpacks planned for elementary school students

The school backpack is intended for normal school use, weighs around three kilograms and costs around 500 US dollars. The current model is intended for college students because of its weight. However, they are already working on a lighter version for elementary school children. The regular school bag can withstand bullets from light firearms. The version, which is slightly heavier at five kilograms, can even withstand the force of an AK-47 or an M-16, as the backpacks have been reinforced with additional plates.

The high demand for the bulletproof school backpacks is a sad example of the rampant gun violence in the USA and the ongoing rampage at US schools. Just recently, Education Minister Betsy DeVos made people sit up and take notice that in the future teachers will be equipped with firearms with financial help from Washington. The USA is the country with the highest number of gun deaths per inhabitant of an OECD country. (red, 13.9.2018)