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Let go

Let go

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First broadcast

Let go is the seventh episode of the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy.

Content [edit | Edit source]

Owen alerts the interns about a serious bus accident, the injured of which are due to be brought in at any moment. But in truth it is just the disaster training for which Dr. Webber gave him $ 1 million.

Cristina looks after Roy, who has a serious lung disease, while Teddy picks up the donor lung. Roy is excited because after twenty years he will finally see his daughter again, who is visiting him in the hospital. But when the two see each other, Roy collapses and has to be resuscitated by Cristina. Apparently his heart is also badly beating.

Owen worries about Cristina, who is about to break down. He releases Meredith from disaster training to look after Cristina. However, she has absolutely no desire for a babysitter.

Mark and Lexie treat Christy, who wants to have her buttocks enlarged a lot. Lexie is concerned that she only wants to do this to please a man. But Christy assures that she only does this for herself because no jeans fit her properly.

Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona prepare to leave for Africa. Arizona is very happy, but Callie has doubts. First Arizona gives her things away to Mark, then Webber reports on the big career plans he had for her, and finally Mark accuses her of going to Africa just because of Arizona.

During disaster training, Owen divides the doctors into teams. He exerts so much pressure that the puppets 'die' one after the other and the teams are thrown out. In the end, only the team of April, Alex and Jackson remains. After Jackson also gave up, April and Alex take care of the last of the living in the pouring rain. April finally freaks out completely and blames Owen for not being able to win this game because it was organized in such a way that all patients have to die.

Bailey is very close to the case of her patient Mary, who survived the rampage to die in a routine procedure. Together with a pathologist, she performs an autopsy, which, however, does not lead to any result. Bailey complains to Derek because the pathologist doesn't seem to be taking the case seriously at all. But Derek has other worries: He is trying to submit a research proposal to research Alzheimer's disease in a study. Bailey knows perfectly well that he is doing this solely out of concern for Meredith.

Finally, there is an argument between Cristina and Meredith while they wait for Teddy's arrival with the donor lung. Cristina can't understand that Meredith is doing great while she is a wreck herself. She blames Meredith for her situation because she felt compelled to operate on Derek during Meredith's rampage. When Teddy arrives, the transplant can be carried out successfully thanks to Cristina's good preparation. For this she earns praise from Teddy and Webber. Owen is expecting a surprise that evening because Cristina has something important to tell him.

Meanwhile, Mark and Callie find it very difficult to say goodbye, after all they are best friends and always there for each other. But Callie still wants to take the big step. When Callie and Arizona are at the airport, Arizona bursts out: She noticed exactly that Callie doesn't actually want to go to Africa and would only go for her sake. For Arizona there is only one way they can both be happy ...

Music [edit | Edit source]

  • Ching Ching Ching of Nikka Costa
  • Never gonna leave me of Sia
  • Bang bang of K'naan Feat. Adam Levine
  • Daydreaming of Dark Dark Dark

Episode title [edit | Edit source]

The original episode title That's me trying refers to a song by William Shatner.

Cast [edit | Edit source]

Main Cast Edit source]

Guest stars Edit source]

  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Dr. Jennifer Stanley
  • Ron Perkins as Roy Henley
  • Amber Benson as Corrine Henley
  • Wynn Everett as Christy Cornell
  • Mandy Moore as Mary Portman

Co-stars [edit | Edit source]

  • Mark Saul as a novice Steve
  • Arlene Santana as a nurse
  • Alixandree Antoine as an intensive care nurse
  • Leith Burke as Dr. McQueen

Intro [edit | Edit source]

Question: When was the last time a stranger undressed in front of you, pointed to a red spot on his back and asked, "What the hell is that thing?" A normal mortal hopefully answers: "Never". If you're a doctor, your answer is likely to be "about 5 minutes ago". Doctors are always expected to have an answer for everything. The truth is, we just like to believe that we have an answer to everything. Basically, all doctors are know-it-alls until something happens that reminds us that we are not.

Outro [edit | Edit source]

We are all looking for answers, in medicine, in life, always. Sometimes the answers we seek lie dormant beneath the surface. Sometimes we get answers to questions that we haven't asked yet. Sometimes we are totally surprised by the answers. Sometimes, even when we hit the answer we were looking for, we are left with a huge pile of new questions.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

  • Meredith: Am I too early? I made an extra effort to be late.
  • Jackson: That'll be annoying for sure.
  • Alex: We used to have to do that all the time at Bailey. Take turns, treat your test dummy, eat out early and then continue working. Totally boring!
  • Owen: A charter plane had to make an emergency landing and collided with a greyhound bus! We have a lot of injuries! Did you not hear? Move on! (everyone starts running) Over 30 victims at the accident site! Some with critical impact injuries!
  • Everyone runs outside and finds test dummies all over the floor
  • Jackson: And I was looking forward to an early lunch.
  • Meredith: That’s gonna shit !!
  • Arizona: Callie! Just look what the kids on the ward have made for me! It all comes to Africa.
  • Callie: Oh wow, that's great. I'm sure you often need a macaroni face on a paper plate there. Honestly, that's a thousand times more important than this: malaria tablets or antibiotics.
  • Arizona: You are the purest sunshine this morning. Do you want to discuss anything with me?
  • Callie: Um, no! No, it's just ... No!
  • Webber: Ah, Torres, Robbins!
  • Callie: Hello.
  • Webber: I thought you were halfway to Malawi.
  • Callie: We ...
  • Arizona: Well, we still had paperwork to do and my little patients wanted to see me again.
  • Webber: That's good. Your glorious work that you will do down there will reflect on this hospital, I am sure. Of course, I was a little surprised that I had to replace two excellent senior physicians on the spot, not just one. But well, those are head doctor's problems. Nobody wants to hear that anyway. Nobody wants to hear the problems. It's just a shame, really. Torres, I had big plans for you. Great plans.
  • Callie: Webber has plans. "I have big plans". You know what? Does not matter. I too have big plans and big plans. I have African plans.
  • Mark: Oh yes, you have.
  • Callie: I don't have to grow cartilage in the lab. I make bones out of dirt there! I'm figuring out how to make unbreakable joints out of blood diamonds and I'm going to make prostheses out of ivory!
  • Mark: Then you better expect the animal welfare associations to cause trouble.
  • Callie: I don't care. In science you can do without friends.
  • Derek: Here, read it.
  • Bailey: "Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. We should cure you."
  • Derek: 12 hours of work!
  • Cristina: Shouldn't you be with the patient?
  • Meredith: He's prepared and in the operating room. And now you will talk to me.
  • Cristina: Please just go back down!
  • Meredith: Cristina !!
  • Cristina: Why are you okay? Why are you okay again? I'm fucked up, okay? I am dead. I am a wreck. And you walk around playing my babysitter ?? As if you hadn't been through the same thing! Why are you okay again?
  • Meredith: I don't know why!
  • Cristina: You were there too! You looked at me with your sad eyes and begged me to save his life! You wanted him to shoot you! You didn't give a shit about yourself or your pregnancy !!
  • Meredith: Cristina!
  • Cristina: You didn't give me a choice! You just you!!! Had anyone else been on the operating table, someone else standing there, I would have run away !!
  • Meredith: You wouldn't have run away! What a crap!
  • Cristina: I could have run away and then I wouldn't feel like that now !!
  • Mark: Who should I talk to about women now?
  • Callie: That's what you got Derek for.
  • Mark: He's married and complacent. And that's annoying!
  • Callie: You are emailing me. What?
  • Mark: It's not really my place ...
  • Callie: Tell me!
  • Mark: I do a lot of breast augmentations.
  • Callie: Okay, did you want to tell me about that?
  • Mark: I also do a lot of breast augmentation undone. The women usually come a year or two after the procedure, heartbroken about the decision they had made at the time. With the woman today - the one with the new, big bum - I'm not at all worried about her. Because I know she didn't do it to please her boyfriend. It had nothing to do with anyone else. She did it for herself. I have to tell you as your boyfriend: You’re just getting a double D because your girlfriend is standing on a lot of wood in front of the hut. By the wood I mean Africa!
  • Callie: I love her, Mark.
  • Mark: I know that. But do you also love Africa? That is the question.