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Are you happy with your current life situation?

I got a pair of new shoes today.

I was cleaning the coffee cart when a guest passed me in the soup kitchen.

“You wear Converse. Are you collecting them? ”

“No,” I tell her. “I just like my old black couple. These are comfortable shoes. "

"You are. I have a few pink ones that don't suit me - I'll bring them and if they suit you you can have them. ”

True to her word, I looked out the kitchen door today and saw her holding it up, much to the confusion of my colleagues.

At work, I can't take two steps without someone stopping to talk to me.

A man made fun of my sunburned arms all day.

Another gave us all breakfast burritos and promised us sopapillas tomorrow.

I spent a good part of an afternoon with one of our volunteers sharing fun facts and talking about theater.

Sometimes strangers stop in line to tell me their story.

I learned about Rainbow Gatherings and how they send positive energy into the world.

About powwows.

About brain injuries and single parents and the best way to make Missouri-bought spaghetti and toque, and how chickens like to eat and how they make decaffeinated coffee.

About cancer and babies and sunburn cures and how food is one of the greatest gifts man has ever known.

I took the job in the soup kitchen because it paid off and they called me back first.

But damn it, my job powers my artist's brain more than anything.

People. People are everything that is art.

And if you can be in a room where veterans and drug addicts and businessmen and hitchhikers sit around the same table for dinner -

You won't find a better place to hear someone's story.

Today I got new shoes and I don't even know the name of this woman.

But i know her. I know them all, even if I just know that one likes the comics in the newspaper and the other always waits for his wife to eat.

You ask if I am satisfied with my current life situation.

I am poor. My salary is calculated around the poverty line for the local population, so I make a hell of a lot of money.

I'm tired and I have a sunburn and it hurts and I'm still excited about going to work every day.

It doesn't feel like a job. I am not afraid of it as I honestly imagined.

I've slept all nights and worked all days, and while the depression doesn't just go away, it finds another place during the work day.

I wish I had the money to do whatever I want to do, but I'll honestly be spending entire days in the soup kitchen working fast food every day of the week.

I guess i'm happy.

I dont know. I am happy. The days go by faster than I can count them.

If anything, this work reinforces my desire to work in nonprofit organizations. I don't think traditional schools are for me.

I'm excited to keep going and that feels good enough to me.