How do I remove blisters on my fingers


As Blow is called a Group of skin lesionsthat can occur due to various causes. It is a matter of liquid-filled elevations of the skin.

Blow under an inch Size is called Vesicles. Blisters can be inside or under the epidermis and contain fluids of various qualities. It can be tissue fluid with or without blood or inflammatory cells.

You can also use different places of the body, for example on the face, on mucous membranes, on the trunk or in exposed areas. For example, some bubbles appear in belt-shaped arrangements, others in groups or singly. The surrounding skin can be inflamed and reddened. In addition, an accompanying itching occur or pain.

Blisters on the hand can also be of various types. The hands are for mechanical as chemical stimuli particularly exposed. Fingers and fingertips are sensitively heavily innervated - therefore can Blisters on the hand are often associated with pain. Also itching is often very pronounced on the hands, as is one Redness.

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Should you puncture blisters on the hand?

Our hands come into contact with a large number of pathogens and other contaminants every day. A Pricking of bubbles on the hand should definitely avoided become. It comes easy here to Inflammation affecting the healing process complicate.
Contaminated bubbles must carefully disinfected become. In any case, the top layer of skin on opened bubbles left should also be a Plaster the wound cover.

What can you do about it?

In the case of blisters on the hand caused by mechanical causes, one should first refrain from further encumbrances. The bubbles should be possible not opened because pathogens can enter and cause inflammation. The top layer of skin should never be removed as it protects the delicate layers of skin underneath.

In addition, you can Blister protection plaster stick around the Place to cover. Preventive care should be taken to protect the hands, moisture and friction in particular promote the formation of blisters.

Should be chronic skin eczema by a Contact allergy should have occurred after Consultation with the dermatologist a variety of preventive measures are applied.


Blisters on the hands with mechanical cause are mostly with clear liquid filled skin protrusions. Blood are also possible. The blisters on the hand are usually a few centimeters in size, depending on the strength and duration of the exposure, and occur in areas that have been unusually stressed.
Initially, the blisters are not inflamed and only slightly reddened; slight pain under pressure or strain may occur. Should the Bubble open or can be opened Invading pathogens and a inflammation cause.
The deeper layers of the skin are very sensitive to pain. The covering layers should therefore definitely not removed become.

In hand eczema, small blisters and tears appear next to them severe itching and reddened palms on. The symptoms increase especially after contact with the allergen, but also independently of it.

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If Bubbles open are or will be opened they are prone to inflammation. Kick through minor injuries Impurities and Pathogen into the layers of the skin. The tissue reacts with inflammation, more fluid escapes, inflammatory cells flow in, the area is supplied with more blood and is sensitive to pain. The bubbles can now also come with pus fill, ache and appear severely reddened.
Contaminated bubbles should be used thoroughly disinfecting solutions getting cleaned. Then a clean plaster should be stuck on to prevent further contamination. The top layer of skin should never be removed.

Is bubble particularly painful, does not heal or just bad and the Hand very red and warmed up should be a Consulted a doctor become.


How long blisters persist on the hand mainly depends on whether the affected area in the Healing processclaimed becomes.

Uncomplicated bubbles in places with little stresswithin a week heal. After healing, one usually forms Horny layerfacing future stresses protects.


The most important thing to know is what kind of skin appearance it is based on appearance and further symptoms of blisters by the hand. A detailed discussion between the doctor and the person affected is also required.

At mechanical causes the blisters usually occur on the stressed placeshow to the Palms on. Ask the patient about any history of abnormally heavy hand strain, such as Gardening or sports that could have particularly strained the hands. The hands appear increasingly when exercising reddened and painA bubble later forms as an expression of the friction.

Does the patient describe one in addition to smaller, reddened blisters and sensitive tears on the hands severe itching and one frequent contact with chemicals, the diagnosis lies in one Hand eczema Near.

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root cause

There are a variety of causes for a blister on the hand. The conversation between the doctor and the patient and the appearance of the bladder are crucial for the diagnosis. It is also important for the doctor to know what other symptoms the person has.

Possible causes can be:

  • blistering Autoimmune diseases: these mostly concern the whole body
  • mechanical or chemical stimuli: here only the hands are more likely to be affected. Especially in sports that put a lot of strain on the hands, such as in Weight training, climbing and gymnastics blisters on the hand are an expression of mechanical stress. Even unfamiliar ones Gardening without proper protection of the hands can lead to blisters. Friction creates a fluid-filled cavity in the upper layers of the skin. The body cushions the sensitive area, so to speak. After healing it is often done on the affected areas increased calluses educated. The hands are also prepared for contact with chemical substances, which in some cases can cause irritation (e.g. through corrosive detergents) or allergic reactions. People who come into frequent contact with chemicals at work, such as hairdressers, cleaning staff or nursing staff, are also often affected. Smaller, very itchy blisters form, secrete fluid and heal crusty. This skin disease is known as chronic hand eczema or dishydrosis.

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Bubbles from tennis

Through the friction the A Tennis racket caused by the hand, tennis is one of those sports Blisters on the hand occur. They are particularly predisposed here Palms and thumb.
Extra moisture from sweating encourages the formation of blisters. After the blisters have healed, a thicker cornea forms, which protects the hands from rubbing. In order to prevent the blisters from bursting and inflammation, you should first take a break from exercising.
With the racket you should often High quality material pay attention and Overgrip specially developed for sweaty hands. The overgrip should also be changed regularly.

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