Dolphins are the smartest animal

Which is actually the most intelligent animal?

Chimpanzees, dolphins, dogs ... they all have a high level of logical intelligence in the animal kingdom. But actually the most intelligent animal is the octopus!

Last update: 19th August, 2018

Humans have classified animals as less intelligent and evolved species. However, many scientific and behavioral studies have shown that some species of animals have surprisingly high intellectual abilities. So which is it now? smartest animal?

Animals are very curious and intelligent

These studies rely on: logic, memory, perception, learning, and language to corroborate their theories. In themSurprisingly, the octopus appeared to be the most intelligent animal, with the highest logical intelligence.

Another animal with high logical intelligence, according to science, is the dolphin. Dolphins have a very highly developed understanding, with different symbols for body parts, numerical values ​​and the ability to identify.

According to many biologists, the chimpanzee is also one of the most intelligent animal species. That's because these monkeysare very close relatives of humansand therefore similar behaviors as we show, such as the way they think and react.

The octopus is that smartest animal

The octopus represents the invertebrate species with the world's highest IQ. She can therefore carry out complex tasks and has a very good long and short-term memory. In addition, octopuses have a very high learning ability from birth.

These are solitary animals and over 300 different species of octopus are known to date. They also have very strong jaws that they use to eat crabs, lobsters, and mollusks. To feed, they use their poisonous saliva, which immobilizes the prey.

The most intelligent animal in the world, the octopus, has the following characteristics:

  • It is a mollusc with 8 strong tentacles. They also have two rows of sticky suction cups which lie around the oral cavity and are held together by a membrane. The first pair of arms is shorter than the rest and the last pair is the longest. In fact, it is about twice as long as the animal's body.
  • It is a very attractive animal because of its appearance. This species however, is very dependent on their sight, as they neither hear nor make noises.
  • The octopus is a really fascinating animal, because she has a boneless skullwhich contains the brain. Besides, this mollusk has3 hearts. All three organs are in the head.
  • The octopus is very agile. The rest of the viscera is in their mantle, as is the jet through which they swim backwards. This is also where the Ink they use to flee from enemies.
  • The octopus is nocturnal.
  • It reproduces sexually. Octopuses reach the coasts in winter to breed. They then stay in the coastal areas until spring. There they reproduce sexually and the female dies after the eggs hatch. After all, she stops eating after she is laid.

Types of octopus

  • Cirrus octopus (Eledone cirrhosa)

The cirrus octopus is smaller and lighter.Their tentacles are smaller.

That kind of octopus can be found in the Mediterraneanand it is often between 1 and 20 meters water depth. Her tentacles are longer than her body.

Skills of the octopus

As we have already seen, according to scientists, octopuses are very intelligent and have very sophisticated logic. They also have a range of skills that enable them to survive in nature.

These skills are as follows:

  • They eject ink to blend into their surroundings and flee from enemies. The ink thus confuses the other animals, which gives the octopus enough time to escape the danger.
  • It imitates the behavior of other animals, so as not to be eaten.
  • Octopuses solve problems and can escape from mazes. They can because of their excellent short and long term memory.
  • The animals emit a kind of poison that dissolves mussels. Because of this, they can feed on crustaceans, mollusks and fish.
  • The species can move in different ways. You can walk, crawl, or swim. Most of the time, they only walk and swim when they need to move faster.
  • If you lose your tentacles, you can regenerate them after a while.

The octopus is the most intelligent animal with the greatest logical intelligence in the animal kingdom. She has a complex central nervous system and a very good long and short term memory. She also has some really fascinating skills and strategies when it comes to nutrition.