What are the best WooCommerce plugins

The 11 +1 best WooCommerce plugins 2020 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With over 44 million downloads, more than 28% of all online shops are operated via WooCommerce. This makes WooCommerce one of the most popular web shop platforms worldwide.

A major reason for this is its affordability; WooCommerce is open source and therefore basically free of charge. This is particularly beneficial for startups with a tight budget.

What users often do not consider: The profitable power of the plugins.

The right plugins support your WooCommerce shop in reducing costs or increasing sales - i.e. making more profit.

Here I have put together a list of what I believe to be the best - i.e. the most profitable - WooCommerce plugins 2020 for the German-speaking market, categorized with regard to more sales and lower costs.


Plugins for more sales

Plugins that, for example, focus on higher customer satisfaction and more frequent repeat purchases bring more sales. Or those that, in the sense of the coffee filter model, help turn more strangers into visitors and more visitors into interested parties.

Plugin 1: Live Chat

The currently most successful way to offer good customer service is live chats. With 73%, live chat achieved the highest satisfaction of all customer service channels and even overtook email with 61%.

Live chats increase customer satisfaction by building trust and eliminating doubts, which in turn increasingly converts visitors to prospects and buyers.

Live chat enables your customers to speak directly to a real person without being on the phone or waiting for an email answer. For 44% of online shoppers, having a real person answer their questions is one of the most important features of an eCommerce shop.

There are some live chat plugins for WooCommerce shops. Many of them are available from around € 20 / user per month. A list of the live chat plugins for WooCommerce can be found here.

For more information on the best WordPress Live Chat plugins, as well as the correct procedure for using Live Chats for your WooCommerce shop, read the article Live Chat for WooCommerce: Sure, but then do it right!

Plugin 2: WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Direct Checkout simplifies the online payment process and thus leads to more sales - because simple payment for the customer means that he is more likely to click on "Buy" and complete the order process.

With Direct Checkout, the customer skips the "Add to cart" process step and is taken directly to the "Cart", where he only has to click on "Buy". He thus orders the product with at least one click less.

The basic plug-in is available free of charge; just download it, follow the installation steps, et voilà! For the Pro version there is a license from 39 € / year. This provides the option for individualized settings and additional buttons for each product.

Plugin 3: Bonus program

WooCommerce Points and Rewards gives you the opportunity to reward your customers for purchases and other promotions with points that they can redeem for discounts.

You simply set how many points are "earned" for each promotion and how many points can be redeemed for which discounts.

Points can be set at the product, category or global level and it is possible to set a maximum discount rate.

The plugin is available as a subscription from US $ 129 per year.

Plugin 4: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

Like Google Suggest - Only for WooCommerce!

This plugin creates a simple search box that shows immediate search results. This works by suggesting products from your WooCommerce shop that match the search criteria entered.

It is a very helpful tool for your visitors as it allows them to search for specific products without having to search through every WooCommerce category. If they don't know the name of a product, all your visitors have to do is start typing in keywords - and a list of possible matching products will be displayed. The more letters or keywords the visitor enters in the search field, the more precisely the results will be displayed.

You can get a license for YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search from 53 € per year.

Plugin 5: Drip - Email Marketing Automation

WooCommerce Drip connects your WooCommerce shop to your Drip Email Marketing account. It allows registration for newsletters and tracks conversions, sales and lifetime value of subscribers.

When a buyer places an order, WooCommerce Drip is activated and records, for example, the following data:

  • "Event Recorded": a purchase is recorded in the subscriber's history.
  • "Lifetime Value": The value of a subscriber over their term is updated. This allows you to set the customer's value, not just for an order but for all purchases made by the customer.

With the help of the numerous data stored by Drip, you can also automatically catch cart abandoners, set up cross-sells and upsells and reactivate customers who have been inactive for a longer period of time.

These features make Drip one of the guaranteed most effective tools to specifically attract the highest ROI-generating traffic to your online shop.

A WooCommerce Drip license is available from US $ 79 per year.

Plugin 6: Facebook for WooCommerce

With over 1.4 billion users worldwide, Facebook is not only the largest social media platform on which your customers cavort, but has also brilliantly cataloged the interests, demographics and behavior of all these users.

The Facebook for WooCommerce plugin makes this catalog available to you in two ways:

  1. With Facebook Ads Extension to market your products on Facebook specifically to your ideal customers.
  2. With Facebook Shops on Pages to sell your products on an online Facebook shop directly and specifically to your ideal customers via Facebook.

Both cases and their advantages are explained in more detail here. The plugin itself does not cost anything, but Facebook charges different fees for placing advertisements. By continuously optimizing your advertisements - with A / B split testing - you can usually reduce these costs quickly.

Good, effective ads definitely pay off on Facebook.

Plugin 7: Yoast SEO for Woocommerce

Yoast SEO optimizes your online shop by checking and improving your content with regard to search engine optimization (SEO).

With Yoast you will rank higher in the results lists of search engines such as Google, Bing and Pinterest. Your products stand out on the results lists and are therefore easier to find by the searcher - which ultimately leads to more orders and more sales.

The Yoast plugin is available from € 49 per year; the premium version is available from € 99.

Plugins for a lower cost

Plugins help reduce costs, which lead to lower acquisition or advertising costs. This can be done, for example, by using a plug-in that optimizes loading times and reduces the number of page breaks.

Plugin 8: MarketPress German Market

One point of criticism of WooCommerce has been the lack of adaptation to the German market for a long time, especially with regard to compliance with German legal bases - which often leads to warnings.

You save the dunning and legal costs with the MarketPress German Market Plugin, which describes itself as "the all-round carefree package for your German-speaking WooCommerce shop".

And that's true. German Market makes your WooCommerce shop not only fit for the German-speaking market, but for the entire EU.

This takes into account, among other things, the handling of legally relevant content, integrated invoicing, connection to accounting systems and processing of cancellations - all legally secure for the German-speaking market and recently also including support for the recently entered into force and much discussed EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

MarketPress is available from 65 € / year for 1 domain in the standard version.

Plugin 9: Fastest Cache

Do you need speed?

The Fastest Cache plugin creates and saves static html files for your dynamic WooCommerce shop. This prevents long loading times, which arise due to the high use of system RAM and CPU with a large number of simultaneous accesses. A cache system prevents the pages from being opened again and instead gives the next visitor direct access to the static html page.

Fastest Cache prevents your customers from hanging in front of their computers and waiting for the product page to be displayed. Many do not wait, but rather go straight to the next provider.

For Fastest Cache you pay a one-off price that must be requested from the provider.

Plugin 10: Checkout Field Editor

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor supports changing, adding, deleting or hiding input fields on the checkout page, as well as changing their order.

The biggest advantage: You can deactivate input fields that are not required, such as "telephone number". These fields do not annoy the buyer when ordering and do not induce him to abort the process in the first place.

The fewer steps and entries between the buyer and the "Buy" button, the more often the button is clicked and the higher the conversion rate.

The basic version is free, the premium plugin costs from US $ 39 per year.

Plugin 11: Payment Methods

If you offer the customer their preferred payment method, the probability of a shopping cart abandonment decreases immensely.

The problem: nowadays there is no longer the one true payment method that most users prefer. Some prefer the instant transfer or direct debit, others find PayPal or credit card easier and then there is Amazon Gateway, Cash on Delivery and Apple or Google Pay, and and and.

We definitely recommend setting up the following payment methods with plugins in your online shop:

With these five plugins you cover most of the most popular payment options. Most customers prefer to make the purchase through one of them and at least not abandon the purchase prematurely as a result.

Plugin 11 +1: reduce costs AND increase sales with WooCommerce Google Analytics

The popular plugin WooCommerce Google Analytics shows and analyzes the tracking data of your WooCommerce shop. For example, you see

  • Total order sums and can filter according to how they are distributed across different segments (paid and organic access, direct and referral access),
  • how many shop visitors show shopping activity,
  • add an item to the shopping cart or
  • leave the shopping cart without completing the order.

These and many other key figures offer you a variety of decision-making aids for the optimal use of the previously mentioned plugins - and thus for the continuous optimization of your WooCommerce shop.

This makes WooCommerce Google Analytics a tool with which you can save costs and generate more sales, either for free in the basic version or from US $ 29 in the pro version.