Why can't Barack Obama say hello?

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Dr. Andrew B. Denison

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Dr. phil. Andrew B. Denison is a journalist, publicist and director of Transatlantic Networks.

What does it mean if John McCain or Barack Obama moves into the White House in Washington on January 20, 2009? What does America's presidential election in 2008 mean for Germany's future?

How will the outcome of the US presidential election affect the relationship between the US and Europe? (& copy picture-alliance, AA)
A sober assessment of the situation and an analysis of the options for action are important for Germany. For one of the most influential countries in the world, this analysis is necessary to promote peace, freedom and prosperity for Germans and others, but also to avert the threat to these noble goals. Germany lies in the middle of a prosperous, peaceful, very exposed peninsula of Eurasia, in the middle of a European Union (EU) with an ever larger, very unstable periphery, in an ever smaller, ever faster turning world. In this world, Germany has to ask itself: is America weak or strong? Is America Good Or Bad?

In which points can Germany act with America, and where only against America? Is democracy the future or the past? Is the world multipolar or is the Atlantic? Is Germany West or East? Should America be included or balanced? Is an American world order to be organized - or to be rejected - in accordance with a European world order? Strange and yet welcome, encouraging and yet unsettling; political America will move German hearts in the coming year like seldom before. America is approaching Germany - like a weather front.

American election campaigns are exciting and fateful; in a globalized world it is always permeated by foreign policy issues. America in a very promising but very dangerous world for Americans is a long-runner in the election campaign - even in times of the domestic economic crisis. Events continue to storm America: Iran is enriching; Russia attacks; Iraq continues; Afghanistan is heating up. Foreign policy is a duty, especially for America. Above all, it is the geographical belt around Europe that is constantly forcing America to make difficult decisions: America, even in election fever, is faced with a growing dilemma: with whom - and against whom? One can talk down the chances of a change of power in Washington - not everything that glitters is gold. But only cynics would refuse to seek new partnerships with a new government.