How can I build a tripod

Build your own iPhone tripod


You can easily build an iPhone tripod yourself. All you need is an empty can of chewing gum, a pen, scissors and a ruler. You can then use this to make a small tripod.

What do you have to do to make your own mobile phone tripod?

Tripods for your mobile phone are also available online for a low price. But if you only need the tripod for a specific use, it may be better to build a tripod yourself out of things you probably have at home anyway. You can also use this tripod with other smartphones, for example to take simple application photos yourself.
The tripod made from a can of chewing gum is relatively easy to handle. However, there are limits to how you can use them. However, you can also extend the tripod. For example, if it is too small for you, you can easily glue several cans of chewing gum together to make a taller tripod.

Build a tripod yourself

  1. Measure your smartphone with the ruler. Make a note of the iPhone's depth and width.
  2. Now turn the can of chewing gum upside down so that the opening is at the bottom.
  3. You must now draw two markings on the bottom of the can. These need to be as wide as your device is deep and go deep enough that you can insert a third of your iPhone in.
  4. Now cut out the drawn area completely.
  5. Now the can has a slot into which the iPhone should fit. Make sure that you draw the markings meticulously. If the opening is too large, the device can no longer be held.

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