Is Visual Studio the best IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code

An easy-to-use code editor for software developers that offers assistance in editing, managing and testing code. Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Code files can be quickly edited outside of projects using VS Code.

Increase your productivity with IntelliSense - the Smart Code completion based on variable types, function definitions and imported modules. Use functions like "Go to Definition" and "Find All References".

The functions include:

  • Fast control and navigation through fully adjustable key combinations and a command palette
  • IntelliSense including symbol navigation, refactoring and code preview for selected languages
  • Debugger for Node.js and C # applications
  • Git support and other SCM providers
  • Search for text in files and folders
  • Automatic file saving
  • Extensive configurability and various themes included

There is a huge selection of extensions for the Visual Studio Code Editor. Install additional languages, debuggers, etc. The extensions run in separate processes so that the editor is not slowed down in its execution.

Visual studio is the development environment from Microsoft and is used to create modern applications for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as web applications and cloud services.

The following products are available under Visual Studio:

  • Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Visual Studio Community
  • Visual Studio Team Explorer
  • Visual Studio Test Professional
  • Visual Studio Test Agent
  • Visual Studio test controller
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Office Integration
  • Visual Studio feedback client

Visual Studio Community is a fully featured and expandable IDE. It is available free of charge to individual developers, open source projects, academic research, training courses, educational institutions, and small professional teams.

The basic functions of all versions include:

  • Refactoring
  • Model resource displays
  • Visualize solutions with dependency diagrams and code maps
  • Definition of target versions
  • Static code analysis
  • Graphics debugging
  • Code metrics
  • Unit test
  • iOS remote simulator for Windows
  • Share code between Android and iOS using Xamarin
  • PowerPoint storyboarding
  • Code review

Visual studio professional 2017 is a solution for small teams. The CodeLens function is added to the basic scope of functions.

Visual studioEnterprise 2017 is an integrated end-to-end solution for teams of any size. professional developer tools and services to build applications for any platform. In addition to the basic scope of all Visual Studio versions, the professional functions include the live dependency check, architecture level diagrams, code clone and architecture validation.